Dupe witness in the psyop convinces the sheeple

November 30, 2015

The dupe witness is a person who is not in on the gag but is convinced by it and then convinces others.  Dupe witnesses are key to getting the psyop to grow in the target group duped.

If a war was mostly a hoax, then crisis actors in on the gag fool the other GIs in country into believing that the war was real. Those GIs are the dupe witnesses who come back and convince everyone else it was real.

Post war, military networks keep the dupe witnesses from asking questions and provide rewards to both the dupe witnesses and the crisis actors to keep the deception going.

Deaths of famous people can be used to make everyone a dupe witness without even being there.  Glenn Miller disappeared during WW2.  This is an example of how people felt they were a witness without even being there.

Carole Lombard died in an air crash raising war bonds.  Everyone became a dupe-witness because they heard about that airplane crash and that proved to them the war was real, since she died selling war bonds.

The military has generational families and they are insiders to the gags. Some to the whole scheme.  Even their own family does not suspect, although a father may pass it onto a son who becomes part of the insiders.

The same can work with firefighters and police in the 911 attacks in New York City at World Trade Center. Most cops and firefighters were dupe witnesses.    They convince the others it was real.  Only a few crisis actors were in on the gag.  Key roles are played by the Jersey Girls types who convince the others it was real, or to go along if they suspect or know. Money flows and this keeps lips silent.  Their social media is closely watched and can be made to go silent perhaps, visible to them but not to most public.

Silencing the internet is likely part of keeping these psyops going.  This blog was taken out of the Google search engine for a lengthy period.  That is an example of silencing social media.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



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