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Deport Diversity and claim it is illegal

December 31, 2015

DOJ, FBI, and federal courts are now completely compromised with the hoaxes, false flags, and fake trials. They are in no position to stop a president who wants to deport the slums and barrios of diversity.

Go to the areas that are heavily Hispanic and deport them all to Mexico or Central America.  Put the military into North Mexico claiming they are private security like Putin in Ukraine.

The Africans ie all Blacks except those in elite, just pick up and dump into Africa. Pay Zimbabwe to take them.  Just start with Chicago Housing Authority and work on up.  Towns like Mount Vernon NY are mostly from the West Indies, so dump them back. Pick up the entire town of Blacks. Let Irish and Italian cops resettle it.

Hmong are all illegal, just deport them all back to Vietnam. Same with many others.

Anyone who is nonWhite and can’t speak English is illegal. Deport them in bulk. Don’t worry what judges say.  Judges did fake trials and handed down the death penalty to people who are innocent. They can’t do anything.  Congress took bribes.  NSA has it on tape.

A president Donald Trump can do this.  He doesn’t need to go through Congress or the deports. Start with poor diversity on federal benefits or in bad areas and deport them 100%. Round them up and put them on ships or planes and get them out of this country.

Third world dictators are owned already. Dump them in their countries.

Change all the records on these Diversity to here illegally.  NSA can do that by changing the computers at other federal agencies.  Change the computer records to make them all illegal.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


Wising up to the hoax machine 911 shooting hoaxes wars

December 29, 2015

For me, 2015 was the year I wised up to the government running hoaxes.  The September 11, 2001 attacks stand out as a government hoax exposed by video released on the internet.  So does the Boston Marathon Bombing aka Hoaxathon.  The JFK death hoax is another of these. Sandy Hook stands out as the shooting hoax. Alison Parker shooting hoax was very evident. So was the Charlie Hebdo shooting hoax at the start of 2015, the train, and the final Paris Attacks. We also saw that the Russian bombing of ISIS in Syria had to be a hoax logistically as did the French bombing.

Other hoaxes were made more evident in 2015 including the Moon hoax now by Jet Wintzer. Other historical hoaxes such as Lincoln assassination are also evident.

Some hoaxes such as the Cold War hoax, the possible nuke hoax and the origins of WW2 take more thinking and building of evidence.  These seem likely now.

The Iraq war of 2003 and Afghanistan War seem mostly hoaxes.  This likely applies back to the 1990-1991 Iraq war.

Going back farther to the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and the Iran hostage crisis seem likely.

What about further back? The Vietnam War, Korean War, WW2 and WW1, Civil War, Napoleonic Wars and American Revolution are challenges.

The origins of these wars and how they ended and some decisions at a high level during them seem likely to be manipulated.  The question of the number killed being much lower is open.

Dave McGowan

is a resource on other hoaxes especially relating to Laurel Canyon.

Jet Wintzer Moon Hoax Now


Peekay Boston



This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

National Scrooge Agency

December 22, 2015

Evendweeber Scrooge:  Mid tier executive at NSA.

Slob Crapchit: Crypto programmer working for Evendweeber Scrooge.

Week before Christmas at NSA at Fort Old Meede

Evendweeber:  So how is the Crapchit household going to spend Christmas?

Slob: My kids have double autism from vaccines and so we have to do remedial work for their behind grade education program.

Evendweeber: I missed out on children, so busy with my career at NSA learning secrets.

Slob: What about your extended family?

Evendweeber: I have a nephew who has a girl friend, but not married.

Slob: How come?

Evendweeber:  The usual, no stable income for White men his age.

Slob: I feel privileged to have my government job where I can have kids.

Evendweeber: What future will they have?

Slob: If they get over the autism, then we hope they can get into a magnet science high school.

Evendweeber: Aren’t those all filled with Asians now?  Thomas Jefferson in Virginia is 70% Asian I hear.

Slob: Our Maryland suburb is not as advanced in the ways of Asian Diversity.

Evendweeber: But the Maryland schools are held back by the retarded Diversities.  How can your kids learn in an ocean of noise?

Slob: It’s already a problem in elementary school.  What about your nephew, what are his prospects?

Evendweeber: I keep telling him to get through the MOOC program in R from Johns Hopkins and get a data science job.

Slob: But somehow he can’t find the motivation?

Evendweeber:  His social currency circle is all about Black basketball and football players. Blacks don’t take the R sequence so it doesn’t interest him.

Slob: So what then?

Evendweeber: His future seems hopeless. Makes me wonder who will be paying for Medicare when we retire.

Slob: That secret must be deeper in the pyramid.

Both laugh.

This story is fictional and is not based on real characters at the NSA, or is it?


USS Liberty and the 6 Day Hoax War 1967

December 3, 2015

In order for Israel to be at peace with Egypt, there had to be land for Israel to give Egypt for peace.  To make peace with the Arab World, Israel had to make peace with Egypt.  Thus was born the idea of the 6 Day Hoax War.

The 1967 Six Day War. June 5 to June 10, 1967. 6/11 was the day of peace, the 7th day when they rested on their victory.  Note the 6 day in 67 and 7th day in 67 pointing to 6/11.  Of course, 6/11 is close to 9/11, just reverse the 6.

Many of the Egyptian units remained intact and could have tried to prevent the Israelis from reaching the Suez Canalor engaged in combat in the attempt to reach the canal. However, when the Egyptian Field Marshal Abdel Hakim Amer heard about the fall of Abu-Ageila, he panicked and ordered all units in the Sinai to retreat. This order effectively meant the defeat of Egypt.

Components of Land for Peace.

  1. Israel takes Sinai and West Bank in a 6 day war. The Arabs mostly just withdrawal.
  2. The Arabs do a surprise attack on Israel on Yom Kippur in 1973.
  3. Israel pushes them all the way back to Egypt and it takes a superpower confrontation to stop them.
  4. Arab Street realizes they can never defeat Israel and that their best bet is to take back Sinai for peace.
  5. Camp David process.
  6. Kissinger the Illuminati Globe Trotter makes us believe it is a real conflict that only his brilliance could solve.
  7. Jimmy Carter man of peace makes it happen.
  8. Sadat is killed as martyr for peace like MLK and JFK.
  9. Israel keeps Golan Heights and West Bank and Gaza.
  10. Israel forces Palestinians out without compensation by harsh living.
  11. Hoax attack on USS Liberty is to hide that the 6 day war in 1967 is a hoax.


  1. This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

In a real moon landing they wouldn’t jump with 2 feet at once

December 1, 2015

In the Apollo moon landing films, the astronauts are shown jumping with 2 feet at once in a repeated sequence. This is while wearing bulky suits. This manner of jumping is unsafe and more likely to produce a fall.

A fall on the moon could prove fatal. Jumping with both feat at once several times in a row would be a foolish risk. If one dies, can the other get off the Moon easily?

This was done repeatedly, and they were not admonished for it. These were experienced military officers who were in a race with the Soviet Union while we were fighting in Viet Nam.  They would not risk a very expensive mission on the risk of falling and ripping their suit or injuring a leg or arm.

The astronauts were chosen as men who could execute a mission. Not getting injured jumping around on the moon was a key part of the mission.

The following Youtube video shows them jumping around with both feet sequentially while wearing bulky suits.  Did they practice it on earth? Would NASA have them practice such an injury prone moon jumping that would be a silly risk?  Was it in the manual to jump with both feet at once?Would NASA let it go on and not stop it?

Would they really risk it on the moon?  The only purpose of such a sequence is to try to prove that they were on the moon.  Why would it occur to NASA to try to prove the men were on the moon in this way, unless they were in a studio on earth?

Around 2:14 one astronaut repeatedly kicks a large object, presumably a rock.  Pretty stupid to do in a bulky suit where one rip or fall can mean death and the failure of the mission as a propaganda tool.

4:30 roughly one is jumping up repeatedly and then does a sort of two side movement.  This is in bulky suits. What for? It is obviously to try to prove they are on the moon. A real mission would not take such risks.


If it is icy outside or slippery do you jump with both feet to avoid injury? Jumping down your ice covered walk with both feet at once would be stupid. We know instinctively not to do that.  We would also know the moon surface was very dangerous and not a place to play around like that. An injury or suit rip would be a disaster.

It would never occur to anyone on the moon to spontaneously jump with both feet at once one after another.  Even if one wanted to see how high one could jump, jumping with both feet horizontally to move from one place to the other would seem pointless.  It is pointless except to convince a gullible audience wanting to be fooled.

A real moon mission would be very concerned to avoid injury while on the surface of the moon.  That would be part of the mission, not jumping with both feet at once in a sequence in a bulky suit.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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