In a real moon landing they wouldn’t jump with 2 feet at once

December 1, 2015

In the Apollo moon landing films, the astronauts are shown jumping with 2 feet at once in a repeated sequence. This is while wearing bulky suits. This manner of jumping is unsafe and more likely to produce a fall.

A fall on the moon could prove fatal. Jumping with both feat at once several times in a row would be a foolish risk. If one dies, can the other get off the Moon easily?

This was done repeatedly, and they were not admonished for it. These were experienced military officers who were in a race with the Soviet Union while we were fighting in Viet Nam.  They would not risk a very expensive mission on the risk of falling and ripping their suit or injuring a leg or arm.

The astronauts were chosen as men who could execute a mission. Not getting injured jumping around on the moon was a key part of the mission.

The following Youtube video shows them jumping around with both feet sequentially while wearing bulky suits.  Did they practice it on earth? Would NASA have them practice such an injury prone moon jumping that would be a silly risk?  Was it in the manual to jump with both feet at once?Would NASA let it go on and not stop it?

Would they really risk it on the moon?  The only purpose of such a sequence is to try to prove that they were on the moon.  Why would it occur to NASA to try to prove the men were on the moon in this way, unless they were in a studio on earth?

Around 2:14 one astronaut repeatedly kicks a large object, presumably a rock.  Pretty stupid to do in a bulky suit where one rip or fall can mean death and the failure of the mission as a propaganda tool.

4:30 roughly one is jumping up repeatedly and then does a sort of two side movement.  This is in bulky suits. What for? It is obviously to try to prove they are on the moon. A real mission would not take such risks.


If it is icy outside or slippery do you jump with both feet to avoid injury? Jumping down your ice covered walk with both feet at once would be stupid. We know instinctively not to do that.  We would also know the moon surface was very dangerous and not a place to play around like that. An injury or suit rip would be a disaster.

It would never occur to anyone on the moon to spontaneously jump with both feet at once one after another.  Even if one wanted to see how high one could jump, jumping with both feet horizontally to move from one place to the other would seem pointless.  It is pointless except to convince a gullible audience wanting to be fooled.

A real moon mission would be very concerned to avoid injury while on the surface of the moon.  That would be part of the mission, not jumping with both feet at once in a sequence in a bulky suit.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



2 Responses to “In a real moon landing they wouldn’t jump with 2 feet at once”

  1. Pterostilbene Says:

    There is a recent book that I’ve read that you might find of interest: “And I suppose we didn’t go to the moon, either?: The Beatles, the Holocaust, and other mass illusions.”

    The chapter entitled “The Apollo Moon Hoax: 35 Proofs We Didn’t Go” by Winston Wu is a fairly good introduction to this subject.

    Here is the Amazon link:

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