National Scrooge Agency

December 22, 2015

Evendweeber Scrooge:  Mid tier executive at NSA.

Slob Crapchit: Crypto programmer working for Evendweeber Scrooge.

Week before Christmas at NSA at Fort Old Meede

Evendweeber:  So how is the Crapchit household going to spend Christmas?

Slob: My kids have double autism from vaccines and so we have to do remedial work for their behind grade education program.

Evendweeber: I missed out on children, so busy with my career at NSA learning secrets.

Slob: What about your extended family?

Evendweeber: I have a nephew who has a girl friend, but not married.

Slob: How come?

Evendweeber:  The usual, no stable income for White men his age.

Slob: I feel privileged to have my government job where I can have kids.

Evendweeber: What future will they have?

Slob: If they get over the autism, then we hope they can get into a magnet science high school.

Evendweeber: Aren’t those all filled with Asians now?  Thomas Jefferson in Virginia is 70% Asian I hear.

Slob: Our Maryland suburb is not as advanced in the ways of Asian Diversity.

Evendweeber: But the Maryland schools are held back by the retarded Diversities.  How can your kids learn in an ocean of noise?

Slob: It’s already a problem in elementary school.  What about your nephew, what are his prospects?

Evendweeber: I keep telling him to get through the MOOC program in R from Johns Hopkins and get a data science job.

Slob: But somehow he can’t find the motivation?

Evendweeber:  His social currency circle is all about Black basketball and football players. Blacks don’t take the R sequence so it doesn’t interest him.

Slob: So what then?

Evendweeber: His future seems hopeless. Makes me wonder who will be paying for Medicare when we retire.

Slob: That secret must be deeper in the pyramid.

Both laugh.

This story is fictional and is not based on real characters at the NSA, or is it?



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