Deport Diversity and claim it is illegal

December 31, 2015

DOJ, FBI, and federal courts are now completely compromised with the hoaxes, false flags, and fake trials. They are in no position to stop a president who wants to deport the slums and barrios of diversity.

Go to the areas that are heavily Hispanic and deport them all to Mexico or Central America.  Put the military into North Mexico claiming they are private security like Putin in Ukraine.

The Africans ie all Blacks except those in elite, just pick up and dump into Africa. Pay Zimbabwe to take them.  Just start with Chicago Housing Authority and work on up.  Towns like Mount Vernon NY are mostly from the West Indies, so dump them back. Pick up the entire town of Blacks. Let Irish and Italian cops resettle it.

Hmong are all illegal, just deport them all back to Vietnam. Same with many others.

Anyone who is nonWhite and can’t speak English is illegal. Deport them in bulk. Don’t worry what judges say.  Judges did fake trials and handed down the death penalty to people who are innocent. They can’t do anything.  Congress took bribes.  NSA has it on tape.

A president Donald Trump can do this.  He doesn’t need to go through Congress or the deports. Start with poor diversity on federal benefits or in bad areas and deport them 100%. Round them up and put them on ships or planes and get them out of this country.

Third world dictators are owned already. Dump them in their countries.

Change all the records on these Diversity to here illegally.  NSA can do that by changing the computers at other federal agencies.  Change the computer records to make them all illegal.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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