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911 the movie was built around 911 the demolition

January 22, 2016

The way to think about the September 11, 2001 attacks on World Trade Center is not as a demolition put into a movie, but a movie put around a controlled demolition.  The 911 controlled demolition was a standard controlled demolition. The demolition people got exactly what they wanted and the movie people had to make the film around them.

The controlled demolition people said

  1. No planes.
  2. No fires.
  3. No people.
  4. No contents.

Controlled demolition requires planting charges where you want and setting them off as you want. You can’t set your charges around the building and then have an airplane smash them up and burn them and still get the demolition you want. So no planes.  Controlled demolition implies no planes.

For the same reason, controlled demolition implies no fires. You can’t have fires burning up the demolitions and ruining the demolition plan.

You can’t have 50,000 people running around your building in desperation after you planted your charges.  Controlled demolition implies no people.

A standard controlled demolition requires removing the contents. You can’t experiment on 911 with contents of 110 story buildings. You can’t have them fly all over lower Manhattan. So no contents.

These also work together. If there are no planes, how would you get the people to leave the building?

If the building has no contents, the people would not go up in it.  Also if you have no people in it, there is no need to have the contents in it.

The movie was then produced around the demolition.  That included complete control of what was broadcast on TV and confiscation of unauthorized cameras or film anywhere in the area.

Local firefighters were used to control the situation while out of town were used in the outer areas.  Or even better, use military or intel people as much as possible dressed up as cops or firefighters.

Dupe witnesses. People not in on it are made to think the movie is real. These people then convince the others. People are chosen out in advance as trusted witness types to be dupe witnesses. Their testimony is taken as true by people who know them as reliable

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


The Gnostic meaning of 911

January 16, 2016

The September 11, 2001 attacks on America and really Planet Earth and Humanity were done to prove that the world is Gnostic. They were done to prove that not only did Mankind not know the facts of its own existence and life, but that it did not know that it did not know.

Mankind believes in realism. Mankind believes in an objective reality that is knowable and believes it knows it.  911 was done by controlled demolition but Mankind believes it was done by airplanes and radical Moslems.  Mankind doesn’t even accept that it does not know the reality of 911 or of the events of its own history that it takes at face value.

The purpose of 911 and other hoax events is to prove to the Gnostics themselves that Mankind does not the facts or know that its concept of reality is wrong.  This is why the Gnostics keep doing hoax events. It is to prove to themselves that Mankind is not only deceived on facts but is deceived on what is reality.

This is also the message of movies like The Matrix. Those in the Matrix don’t know they are in the Matrix. They think they are in naive realism. They are deceived on the nature of reality.  This is what Gnostics believe they proved on 911.

If one assumes Christ was born on September 11 of year 1 of our current calendar, then adding 2000 gives September 11, 2001. Thus this date is of great symbolic importance.

There are reasons to pick September 11 as the day of Christ’s birth. One can then combine that with the symbolism of year 1 plus 2000 to get September 11, 2001.

What about September 11, 1998?


– Independent counsel Kenneth Starr sends a report to the U.S. Congress accusing President Bill Clinton of 11 possible impeachable offenses.
– Opening ceremony for the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysia is the first Asian country to host the games.

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 – 1 of 1

– Dane Clark, American actor (b. 1913)


Some symbolism here.  If Clinton was not guilty of the crimes he was charged with, then he is a Christ figure.  The Kenneth Starr investigation was a persecution of an innocent man.  Clinton stands for Christ.  Moreover, for a Gnostic Christ.  He was persecuted for the sake of the Gnostic faith but the public knew it not.  Ken Starr himself likely was in on it.

Bill Clinton did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky but was crucified despite his innocence.   Presumably most of the players were in on it.

Here again, the public doesn’t know the facts and doesn’t know that reality is that it never knows the facts reliably.  It is laughing at Clinton, while the Gnostics laugh at the public.

Because the public was duped by Clinton in so many ways including OKBomb the Oklahoma City bombing, it deserved to be deceived on 911.  It also deserved to be replaced by immigrants and deceived that this is intentional.

Dane Clark was Jewish and played ordinary Joes. His death symbolized the death of ordinary Joe America and its replacement by Diversity.  The Asian location of Commonwealth Games symbolized the Diversity led by Asians would replace Whites.

White Christian America is completely in the dark. It is completely deceived by these events and by the people.  It doesn’t know it is so deceived and it has a false sense of reality.  The Clinton Impeachment and 911, which Clinton was involved in as well, were to prove that White Christian America is the one out of touch with reality.

The Clinton Impeachment and 911 were victories of the Gnostic view of reality to the Gnostics. They showed we were wrong by deceiving us both factually and deceiving us from knowing that we don’t know what reality is.  We don’t know the facts of our own life or of the time we live. We don’t understand the time we live and so we don’t understand our own lives.

Gnostics feel free to dupe people in the small as well as the large. Individuals are intentionally deceived by the Gnostic World Order.  Duping them is not seen as the cruel trick it is, but as proving the Gnostics right to each other.  That this seems like a criminal gang initiation is no accident, it is.

Duping specific individuals, and in particular people in their own lives, is part of the initiation of Gnostics into the Gnostic World Order. They prove their co-workers, friends and even family are dupes. This means they are non-entities and the truth of their lives and their knowing the truth of their lives is unimportant.  People die without knowing the truth of their own life or of the time they lived in.  To Gnostics this final defeat of non-Gnostics is essential to the benefit of being a Gnostic. Only Gnostics die knowing the truth of their own life and their own time. Non-Gnostics, even their own family, die without knowing the truth of their own lives and own time.

The Gnostics are constantly deceiving the non-Gnostics and we make mistakes and go in wrong directions and waste our time and even waste our own lives because we don’t know the truth or know reality itself.  To Gnostics, a non-Gnostic life is meaningless and lived in such deception that the life is worthless.

The greatest reward to Gnostics is to know the truth of their own life and of the time they live in.  Only they do this. The rest of us are nothing. We know neither the facts nor that we are deceived totally.  Thus we are nothing.

Because Whites are deceived on both facts and reality itself, Gnostics see no loss to eliminating Whites. Gnostics don’t even consider race to be real. Gnostics think their hoaxes are what are real.  Since Whites are duped, the White Race doesn’t matter and its extinction will make no difference to Gnostics.

Gnostics don’t like the reality of race.  Religion is something Gnostics can create or twist or occupy.  But race is biological. Race is DNA. Race is loyalty based on DNA.  This is why Gnostics make race their enemy and make it forbidden to Whites.

White race loyalty is the greatest threat to Gnosticism.  If the Whites who know the truth defect to save their race, then Gnosticism is destroyed. It is revealed as just a crime.

Gnosticism is the ultimate fascism.  Gnostic is control by denial of reality. That is why Gnostic World Order controls everything related to information and understanding. Intelligence agencies, media, entertainment, schools, colleges, publishing, organized religion, organized parties, etc.  It controls the opposition as well down to a lower level that one would initially imagine.  It controls alternative media, political parties, publishing, education, philosophy, entertainment, religion, etc.  It makes these fall on their face and be discredited. It pushes people back to the mainstream institutions, which it controls completely.

Actual reality is called conspiracy theory. The reality of all this is labeled conspiracy theory. Thus actual reality is demeaned and the majority of mankind even the educated are turned away from it. They are controlled by a denial of reality attack.

911 itself was a denial of reality attack. That was its meaning. It showed the Gnostic World that Mankind was deceived and could never recover from the deception.

The hoax events have increased since 911. They are a sort of chance to Mankind to know it has been received. But Mankind does not know the truth and can’t recognize it when it is shown it. This shows how deceived Mankind truly is.

John 1:11

He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.

John 3:19

And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.


911 was the Light unto the world of the true Gnostic nature of the world and that Mankind is deceived.  Even on the day of 911, Peter Jennings and others told us it was controlled demolition. But we loved darkness rather than light.  We chose to hate the Moslem and our hate deceived us.  This is how the Gnostics see it. Our racism, bigotry and intolerance is us in sin and evil.  In our state of sin and evil, bigotry, we can’t see the truth, that it was our own government that destroyed the buildings and not Moslems or Arabs.

This is why the Gnostics are destroying the White Race. They see the White Race as darkness and sin.  The White Race doesn’t know the truth, of its own evil. White Christian America couldn’t see the truth on 911, because it was deceived by its own hate of Moslems.

White America could not see the light on 911 because its own deeds were evil.  It was deceived from that day to this.  It has turned away from the light, which are the hoaxes. The hoaxes that are revealed on Youtube as hoaxes are the light to the world. But the world is fallen and loves its own evil and so is deceived again and again.

Gnostics believe that evil done to those who are deceived is not evil.  They waste our lives away in their deceptions. We pass up chances and waste our time enmeshed in deceptions. We die not knowing the truth. Gnostics think we deserve it and they think the fault is ours that we are deceived by them.

This pattern of thought is the basis of Gnostic Fascism.  Gnostics enslave us by deception on not just facts but reality itself.  Living under Gnostic Fascism, our lives are meaningless, so our suffering and missed chances are as well.

Only Gnostics have lives of meaning. This is the great gift of being a Gnostic.  That is the basis of their cult.  That is what 911 symbolizes to them. Even when the deception is obvious and they tell us to our face, we can’t see the truth. To Gnostics that proves we are evil and that our deaths are not unjust.  It also proves to Gnostics that wasting our lives is not unjust either. To Gnostics our lives lack truth, meaning and justice because we are full of evil and reject the light that the Gnostics showed us on 911.

To Gnostics, 911 was the light in the sky. It showed the truth to Mankind. We rejected it despite their showing it. Gnostics blame us for 911 and for all the bad consequences of 911 in our lives afterwards. To Gnostics we are to blame and our not knowing reality is itself our evil. If we were less bigoted, we would have seen 911 was controlled demolition by our government and not Moslems. We are evil for our bigotry and so we deserve to be replaced by nonWhites.  That is the Gnostic World View.

Gnostics believe that because we are deceived we deserve what we get. This is because to Gnostics just being deceived proves we are evil. We could only be deceived because we are evil and are blinded by hate. So our destruction is justice.

This is also why Gnostics can only be defeated. They can’t be reasoned with, only put in prison or expelled.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

New World Order hoaxes have gone haywire

January 10, 2016

The New World Order hoaxes are no longer, if ever, rational, or based on a central plan developed by some rational group of “super” beings who could predict the future.  They are simply a procedure stuck in the machine that is being run by various players for short term or local reasons.

The mathematics of immigration are total gene replacement. The NWO types are not very mathematical so they think it is a mixture that is somehow superior. This is false.

NWO types are stupid at both biology and stochastic processes. They have created destruction of the White Race. It is not creative destruction it is evil stupid destruction.

NWO types are not having big families. They are not personally filling up large country homes with their own extended families. They do not fill up Thomas Jefferson High School or Harvard or even investment banks and hedge funds.

They flood the country with Asians and think Asians are superior because of their superior test taking culture and ability.  Asians do not have a superior civilization or technology. They have a superior test taking culture and genes. They have likely bread out real creative genius by centuries of test taking.  They are test taking idiot savants.

NWO seems to think it is doing something positive by Asians replacing Whites in universities built by Whites.  This is totally false. NWO is simply destroying what Whites built by destroying Whites.

Cologne Chaos is not justified by being a hoax. Nor do fake rapes by Moslems prove real rapes by Moslems don’t happen.  Fake crime doesn’t disprove real crime. Ask a cop.

Real White genocide doesn’t make things better.  Nor do the stupid bloviations of NWO cover up the real pain and destruction of the greatest race.

These people watch their own extended family extinguish and that makes them think they are smarter.  That is the most stupid brain malfunction imaginable. Thinking that destroying your own extended family proves you are smarter simply proves you are a total fool.  An evil fool to boot.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Cologne Chaos comes from Chaos World Order

January 9, 2016

There is more information that the Cologne attacks and in other countries were coordinated and planned.

It is starting to smell like New World Order all over again.  In the case of the Cologne train station, the attackers also took video which the police have.  Soon it will be leaked?  Or from some other country?

There does not appear to be yet video released to show the attack was a hoax.

A mass groping hoax seems harder to pull off and then expose as a hoax?

This is also a new type of op for New World Order?  Although something happened with Lara Logan that some say was less than reported.

Nothing makes New World Order more smug than a hoax. They feel it proves the immigrants are not dangerous or alien, but the same. As if a hoax crime proves crime does not exist.  In that sense, NWO is deceiving itself from the top down.

The bottom line is that NWO hates Whites. Whether it is deceiving Whites or inflicting real violence and job and school chaos, it hates Whites.  This has been going on for decades. Was every petty crime by a nonWhite a hoax?

People who have walked in urban nonWhite areas know the truth. It only takes a little such exposure to show the reality of these people.  That type of street reality is something most in New World Order never feel.

We are seeing the seemingly stupid satisfaction in immigration typical in a hoax attack from the NWO types.  Whatever the truth, they are united in hate against Whites as usual.  Maybe we need to unite in hate against them?  That would mean not voting for their parties.  Turning to other voices for news and information.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


Social currency of hoax inside DHS, NSA, FBI

January 8, 2016

Inside the gov agencies involved in running the hoaxes, they have a social currency in the hoaxes. It is like a sports league.  They talk about the hoaxes they know or were in on.  They speculate about other events they don’t know whether they are hoaxes. This fills their minds.

They don’t notice Whites are being replaced. But even more than that, because Whites are deceived by the hoaxes, they think Whites don’t deserve to continue to exist.  They are duped in this way. This is by design.

Asians are duped by 911 and the shooting hoaxes. Asians are duped by North Korean nukes.  Why does that not mean Asians should be replaced by Whites?

Why is it because Whites are duped, that Whites should be replaced? This is the same White guilt and White exceptionalism all over again.  Because Whites are fooled by hoaxes, they alone should be replaced by the others, even while all the other races are fooled just the same.

Blacks are fooled by the racial shooting hoaxes the same as Whites. So are Hispanics in the Trayvon Zimmerman hoax.  Why should they get to replace Whites since they were duped too?

Because Whites were duped by 911, it means Whites can’t do math? Asians can do math because Whites were duped?  Asians were duped just as much.  Asians are duped by their hoaxes like North Korean nukes.

Thomas Jefferson High School is now 70% Asian in the entering classes. Whites in Fairfax County are being taught to accept that Whites can’t do math.  Ones inside NSA are in the same boat. Even though many Whites in NSA do math, they are taught by the hoaxes that Whites are dumb and deserve to be replaced by Asians. This is despite Asians being fooled as well.

Who is leading the fight against the hoaxes? Many of them are working for DHS or the equivalent. But many are genuinely waking up and opposing the hoaxes.  Are Asians doing that? Blacks or Hispanics?

So why again are Whites supposed to be replaced because they are duped by hoaxes?  That is simply another hoax at a different level, a sort of meta hoax that is used to dupe the DHS hoaxers.

Even people like Merkel are duped in that way. She thinks because she dupes Germans, Germans deserve to be replaced. Even though Arabs and Moslems are duped by hoaxes directed at them like the Syria war or Iran or fundamentalism.

The hoaxers are themselves distracted by the hoaxes from their own people being replaced. They come to believe their own people deserve to be replaced for being fooled by them. They think their own can’t be good enough to do math or whatever because they are duped by hoaxes.

This is simply false. Whites can do math and computer programming. Whites invented these despite the hoaxes that have been going on since antiquity.  Whites are still innovating and inventing. Whites will innovate out of the hoax box. That is why they are the ones who have to be replaced?  Because Whites are a threat to the hoax system?

Which brings up, who has turned the hoax system into a reason to replace Whites? Who has a religion, an ideology of replacing Whites?

Who has a hate humor against Whites? Who wrote the All in the Family show to demean Whites? Same as hoaxes makes DHS insiders despise Whites, so did All in the Family. So did that entire genre of hate humor against Whites.

Who invented the Polish joke? Archie Bunker? Or the same group that lived in Poland?  They invented the hate humor against Poles and then duped White Christians in America to think they invented it.

Whites who are running the hoaxes or in the MSM need to wake up. They are being manipulated into despising Whites, even their own family. Whites are no more fooled than Asians and Whites are the ones fighting back against the hoaxes. That is why Whites have to be replaced, not because they are hoaxed, but because they resist the hoaxes and try to expose them.  The ones who program Whites to think that way are the same ones who invented hate humor against Whites.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


Hoaxes are a distraction to our displacement

January 7, 2016

The hoaxes that run constantly now on TV are a distraction not just to us the sheeple, but to the shepherds in DHS, FBI, Congress.  They too are distracted. That is the purpose.

Today we had a jewelry store theft by people not wearing masks. Apparently, they do this over and over. They are in the South.  Some man comes on, former or current FBI, they appear to be the same, tells us the real scoop about them. Is it a hoax?  How can we tell?

Is every story a hoax now? Just a joke to the media as Whites are displaced. The front page of the Washington Post might as well be all hoax stories.  Is this what Kissinger meant when in the 1970s he said to skip to the Style section?   Zbig also said we would be only able to repeat the previous nightly newscast without critical thinking. Already, the hoax was in?

Reagan’s CIA chief said we would be totally wrong in our beliefs. Thomas Jefferson said don’t read the paper, you are that much farther ahead. It was fake news then apparently.   Thomas Jefferson himself a fake?

Napoleon said that history is what we agree it is.  Was he admitting he was a fake? A British Rothschild agent? That his battles were hoaxes?

Now we see the replacement of the White race at hand. The fools at FBI are prattling on over trial jewelry store hoaxes.  Is this how the world ends?

NSA DHS CIA They dupe us which makes them hate us and then they destroy us

January 5, 2016

The intelligence community and the 3 branches of government engage in massive deceptions of the American people. This makes them despise us.  Over time this disdain turns to hate. To prove they are right, they have to destroy us.  Thus the initial acts of deception set in train a psychological train that ends with our mental, material and physical destruction.

The JFK assassination hoax was followed by the 1965 Immigration Act and 1964 Civil Rights Acts. These destroyed the cities of America and ethnic cleansed the White Christian population out of them. They were acts of hate against White America by a government that had just duped White America in the Kennedy assassination hoax.

The same was true after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Whether people died or not, the government duped the people. That led the government to despise us. That led them to destroy us with more nonWhite immigration. That included flooding Europe with more Moslems as well as Hispanics and Asians in the US.

In the US, the best education opportunities are now often dominated by Asians, ones who come here or are born here. Whites are being crowded out. You can hear the contempt and hatred for Whites in our leaders as they triumphantly proclaim these Asians as superior to Whites. They want Asians to replace us at the science and tech jobs because it proves them right to have deceived us in the first place.

Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive.
– Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808)

That tangled web trips up the White population that trusted the governments that deceived us. They repay us with ethnic replacement immigration. They don’t deceive us to help us, but to destroy us. They do it over and over again.

We know the intel community and government hates us. We see it in our schools they destroyed with diversity. We see it in the cities it is unsafe for Whites to walk in. We see it in the long term underemployment and low wages. We see it in the useless college debt that has been invented and did not exist before in such a degree.

The intel community and government are intertwined with Wall Street, banking and the investment banks. Together they have strangled us. They have used their arts of deception to distract us while they replaced Whites with nonWhites. This is hate and betrayal by the intel community and government.

That circle of hate against White America includes FBI and DOJ which have betrayed any sense of what they were created for. They practice destruction of White schools, White communities and even make the bus and the subway unsafe for Whites. They mock and laugh at our Constitution and Bill of Rights by using them to destroy White America.

DOJ and FBI are led by hate filled Diversity or Ellis Islanders who are filled with a rage against White Protestant America. That their acts of rage hit their own community doesn’t matter to them, because their minds are ruled by their hate of Wasp America, which is mostly dead in the New York Area or Boston where many of them come from.

The same applies to the corrupted courts. They do fake trials and engage in deception on a massive scale. Then in their “regular” cases they impose harsh destruction on White schools, communities, transport, jobs, places of employment and places of higher education. These places are ruined for Whites and are transformed as close as they can into slave labour camps like the Amazon warehouse. Bezos owns Amazon and Washington Post. WaPo is a cheerleader for intel and the government community in its destruction of White America.  It employs haters like Dana Milbank and Harold Meyerson who rant hatred on White Christian and especially White Protestant America.

That hatred is what the government then delivers as its actions against the occupied population.  The intel community, the FBI and DOJ, the DHS, the courts and Congress all deliver destruction and woe unto White Christian America.

This is accompanied by a freakish chorus of hate from their think tanks, universities, bankers, and media consorts. They freely go back and forth between them, enriching themselves while indulging their ever growing hatred towards White America that grows out of their many deceptions of White America.

They have long since overthrown the Constitution and made mockery of the laws for fairness and transparency. Their every act of interpretation and implementation is governed by the twisted hate they have for White America from having deceived it so many times. We are their dupes and they have to destroy us to prove themselves right to have duped us.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


Govtypes are distracted by NWO fires and give up defending White Race and Culture

January 3, 2016

The NWO has created fires for our government leaders and middle management to put out.

  1. Anarchists
  2. Communism
  3. Nazis
  4. Fundamentalist Islam
  5. Islamic terrorism
  6. Home grown terrorism

The NWO created or financed all of these mythic enemies for our government managers to defeat.  These enemies created a sense of crisis so that gov leaders would make an alliance with nonWhites or non-Christians to build a big enough coalition to defeat the monster at the type.  The result was to undermine the White Race and White Culture and Western Civilization.

To save the West, the government managers had to give up that the West was the people who created it and made it exist, the White nations.  The NWO was distracting and duping the gov managers into becoming anti-White in order to be anti-Nazi or anti-Communist or anti-terrorism.

So here we are with Syrian refugees flooding into Lancaster PA to flush out the closest White Protestant county on an Amtrak line to New York City.  This is part of the assault on the historic foundations of the nation which are still in existence in Lancaster County although undermined in Lancaster City PA.

NWO has duped the gov managers to be so inclusive that they deny their own Whites as blood, culture and faith.  Thus they become the enemy of their own people. Gov managers count defeating the Founding Stock still in Lancaster County as a victory.

At each stage, NWO has used the current crisis to make gov managers expand their coalition to include more and more nonWhites. In this expansion the gov managers have given up any assertion of White identity, culture or right to exist.  Thus NWO has created the fires and provided the means to put it out, a hose marked diversity and multi-culturalism.  Diversity is a code word for White Genocide as they say.  Multi-culturalism is a code word for saying that White Culture and Civilization doesn’t need Whites to exist anymore.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


Why do our leaders think our opinion doesn’t matter?

January 2, 2016

Whites are being replaced in every country.  We are treated as children whose opinion on this and other subjects doesn’t matter. We are subjected to college debt that prevents having children in early 20s.  We see wages stagnant for decades. Our leaders don’t think it matters at all. Why?

Our leaders are firmly convinced that our opinion and our value as people is zero on everything.  Where does this attitude come from?

It can only come from their opinion they have duped us on the really big things. They think our version of reality on the biggest things is wrong.

If they duped us on small things, they would not think we were nothing. They do think we are nothing. So they must have duped us on the biggest things possible.

So they must have duped us on the level of wars.  That the wars of our time are much smaller with fewer killed (or far bigger with more killed.) However, the former is easier to believe than the latter.

So the wars of our time are hoaxes. This is because our leaders act as if we have been deceived on the biggest events of our time, and wars are the biggest events to our leaders.

Our demographic decline is not a hoax. But our leaders think it doesn’t matter. That must mean they think we don’t matter to what happens. Which means they must think we are duped on what is going on.  Which gets us back to wars and such we are duped on.

So we are duped on not just 9/11 scale as controlled demolition but on the level of ISIS and al Qaeda and Iraq wars as hoaxes. The whole war on terrorism is a hoax. So are the Middle East wars. These are the wars of our time.

Projecting backward, we have to test the reality of wars like Vietnam, Korea, WW2, WW1, Civil War, Napoleonic wars and revolutions like communist and Nazi revolutions as well as French and American revolutions and English Civil war.

The hoaxers come from schools like Eton. So they have been at this for a long time.  They think big and 9/11 is not big enough to explain their arrogance and demeanor that whatever we think is meaningless. If they only hoaxes us on 9/11, it would not explain their constant attitude that we are nothing and what we think is nothing and our existence as a people is nothing.

Unless the elites have giant secret families, they are not even succeeding on a biological level like old elites.  For centuries the English nobility had high fertility and their genes spread through the classes and were the middle class.  Now they shrivel away and their country estates are not full of their own extended families as in centuries before but are empty or turned over to NGOs or they act as museum guides to what were once homes full of their own people.

They have cucked themselves but don’t think it matters. They are the really big dupes to think family, nation, faith and folk, land and people don’t matter.  They cuck themelves and cuck us. The folly we have is to trust in any way those ethnic cleansing us and who show by this act that they consider us nothing.

But they could only consider us nothing if they were duping us on a colossal scale. The most likely thing around are their wars. Their wars on terrorism. Their Arab wars. Their Moslem wars. Their Cold War. Their great power conflicts.  If these are hoaxes it explains why they think they duped us. It explains why they think replacing us doesn’t matter at all.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Going along with gov hoaxes is the message you are duped or feel forced to

January 1, 2016

If you go along with government hoaxes like 911, Sandy Hook, or Paris Attacks, the message to the government is either you really are duped or you feel coerced into upholding their hoaxes. Either way, you lose.

If the sophisticated antigovernment forces on immigration are duped by hoaxes, then the government concludes it can hoax everyone else to vote for them at election time.  Or not to contest the stealing of elections by vote counting fraud machines.

If the antigovernment forces are coerced into pretending to believe in hoaxes they know are hoaxes, then it shows government it can intimidate even the most maverick opposition. That means the government can intimidate everyone else and rule by hoax.

Either way, with hoax you lose.  The government knows that too. They laugh at you with contempt when you use their hoaxes to try to limit immigration or the spread of Blacks into White communities.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

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