Why do our leaders think our opinion doesn’t matter?

January 2, 2016

Whites are being replaced in every country.  We are treated as children whose opinion on this and other subjects doesn’t matter. We are subjected to college debt that prevents having children in early 20s.  We see wages stagnant for decades. Our leaders don’t think it matters at all. Why?

Our leaders are firmly convinced that our opinion and our value as people is zero on everything.  Where does this attitude come from?

It can only come from their opinion they have duped us on the really big things. They think our version of reality on the biggest things is wrong.

If they duped us on small things, they would not think we were nothing. They do think we are nothing. So they must have duped us on the biggest things possible.

So they must have duped us on the level of wars.  That the wars of our time are much smaller with fewer killed (or far bigger with more killed.) However, the former is easier to believe than the latter.

So the wars of our time are hoaxes. This is because our leaders act as if we have been deceived on the biggest events of our time, and wars are the biggest events to our leaders.

Our demographic decline is not a hoax. But our leaders think it doesn’t matter. That must mean they think we don’t matter to what happens. Which means they must think we are duped on what is going on.  Which gets us back to wars and such we are duped on.

So we are duped on not just 9/11 scale as controlled demolition but on the level of ISIS and al Qaeda and Iraq wars as hoaxes. The whole war on terrorism is a hoax. So are the Middle East wars. These are the wars of our time.

Projecting backward, we have to test the reality of wars like Vietnam, Korea, WW2, WW1, Civil War, Napoleonic wars and revolutions like communist and Nazi revolutions as well as French and American revolutions and English Civil war.

The hoaxers come from schools like Eton. So they have been at this for a long time.  They think big and 9/11 is not big enough to explain their arrogance and demeanor that whatever we think is meaningless. If they only hoaxes us on 9/11, it would not explain their constant attitude that we are nothing and what we think is nothing and our existence as a people is nothing.

Unless the elites have giant secret families, they are not even succeeding on a biological level like old elites.  For centuries the English nobility had high fertility and their genes spread through the classes and were the middle class.  Now they shrivel away and their country estates are not full of their own extended families as in centuries before but are empty or turned over to NGOs or they act as museum guides to what were once homes full of their own people.

They have cucked themselves but don’t think it matters. They are the really big dupes to think family, nation, faith and folk, land and people don’t matter.  They cuck themelves and cuck us. The folly we have is to trust in any way those ethnic cleansing us and who show by this act that they consider us nothing.

But they could only consider us nothing if they were duping us on a colossal scale. The most likely thing around are their wars. Their wars on terrorism. Their Arab wars. Their Moslem wars. Their Cold War. Their great power conflicts.  If these are hoaxes it explains why they think they duped us. It explains why they think replacing us doesn’t matter at all.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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