NSA DHS CIA They dupe us which makes them hate us and then they destroy us

January 5, 2016

The intelligence community and the 3 branches of government engage in massive deceptions of the American people. This makes them despise us.  Over time this disdain turns to hate. To prove they are right, they have to destroy us.  Thus the initial acts of deception set in train a psychological train that ends with our mental, material and physical destruction.

The JFK assassination hoax was followed by the 1965 Immigration Act and 1964 Civil Rights Acts. These destroyed the cities of America and ethnic cleansed the White Christian population out of them. They were acts of hate against White America by a government that had just duped White America in the Kennedy assassination hoax.

The same was true after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Whether people died or not, the government duped the people. That led the government to despise us. That led them to destroy us with more nonWhite immigration. That included flooding Europe with more Moslems as well as Hispanics and Asians in the US.

In the US, the best education opportunities are now often dominated by Asians, ones who come here or are born here. Whites are being crowded out. You can hear the contempt and hatred for Whites in our leaders as they triumphantly proclaim these Asians as superior to Whites. They want Asians to replace us at the science and tech jobs because it proves them right to have deceived us in the first place.

Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive.
– Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808)

That tangled web trips up the White population that trusted the governments that deceived us. They repay us with ethnic replacement immigration. They don’t deceive us to help us, but to destroy us. They do it over and over again.

We know the intel community and government hates us. We see it in our schools they destroyed with diversity. We see it in the cities it is unsafe for Whites to walk in. We see it in the long term underemployment and low wages. We see it in the useless college debt that has been invented and did not exist before in such a degree.

The intel community and government are intertwined with Wall Street, banking and the investment banks. Together they have strangled us. They have used their arts of deception to distract us while they replaced Whites with nonWhites. This is hate and betrayal by the intel community and government.

That circle of hate against White America includes FBI and DOJ which have betrayed any sense of what they were created for. They practice destruction of White schools, White communities and even make the bus and the subway unsafe for Whites. They mock and laugh at our Constitution and Bill of Rights by using them to destroy White America.

DOJ and FBI are led by hate filled Diversity or Ellis Islanders who are filled with a rage against White Protestant America. That their acts of rage hit their own community doesn’t matter to them, because their minds are ruled by their hate of Wasp America, which is mostly dead in the New York Area or Boston where many of them come from.

The same applies to the corrupted courts. They do fake trials and engage in deception on a massive scale. Then in their “regular” cases they impose harsh destruction on White schools, communities, transport, jobs, places of employment and places of higher education. These places are ruined for Whites and are transformed as close as they can into slave labour camps like the Amazon warehouse. Bezos owns Amazon and Washington Post. WaPo is a cheerleader for intel and the government community in its destruction of White America.  It employs haters like Dana Milbank and Harold Meyerson who rant hatred on White Christian and especially White Protestant America.

That hatred is what the government then delivers as its actions against the occupied population.  The intel community, the FBI and DOJ, the DHS, the courts and Congress all deliver destruction and woe unto White Christian America.

This is accompanied by a freakish chorus of hate from their think tanks, universities, bankers, and media consorts. They freely go back and forth between them, enriching themselves while indulging their ever growing hatred towards White America that grows out of their many deceptions of White America.

They have long since overthrown the Constitution and made mockery of the laws for fairness and transparency. Their every act of interpretation and implementation is governed by the twisted hate they have for White America from having deceived it so many times. We are their dupes and they have to destroy us to prove themselves right to have duped us.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



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