Hoaxes are a distraction to our displacement

January 7, 2016

The hoaxes that run constantly now on TV are a distraction not just to us the sheeple, but to the shepherds in DHS, FBI, Congress.  They too are distracted. That is the purpose.

Today we had a jewelry store theft by people not wearing masks. Apparently, they do this over and over. They are in the South.  Some man comes on, former or current FBI, they appear to be the same, tells us the real scoop about them. Is it a hoax?  How can we tell?

Is every story a hoax now? Just a joke to the media as Whites are displaced. The front page of the Washington Post might as well be all hoax stories.  Is this what Kissinger meant when in the 1970s he said to skip to the Style section?   Zbig also said we would be only able to repeat the previous nightly newscast without critical thinking. Already, the hoax was in?

Reagan’s CIA chief said we would be totally wrong in our beliefs. Thomas Jefferson said don’t read the paper, you are that much farther ahead. It was fake news then apparently.   Thomas Jefferson himself a fake?

Napoleon said that history is what we agree it is.  Was he admitting he was a fake? A British Rothschild agent? That his battles were hoaxes?

Now we see the replacement of the White race at hand. The fools at FBI are prattling on over trial jewelry store hoaxes.  Is this how the world ends?


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