Social currency of hoax inside DHS, NSA, FBI

January 8, 2016

Inside the gov agencies involved in running the hoaxes, they have a social currency in the hoaxes. It is like a sports league.  They talk about the hoaxes they know or were in on.  They speculate about other events they don’t know whether they are hoaxes. This fills their minds.

They don’t notice Whites are being replaced. But even more than that, because Whites are deceived by the hoaxes, they think Whites don’t deserve to continue to exist.  They are duped in this way. This is by design.

Asians are duped by 911 and the shooting hoaxes. Asians are duped by North Korean nukes.  Why does that not mean Asians should be replaced by Whites?

Why is it because Whites are duped, that Whites should be replaced? This is the same White guilt and White exceptionalism all over again.  Because Whites are fooled by hoaxes, they alone should be replaced by the others, even while all the other races are fooled just the same.

Blacks are fooled by the racial shooting hoaxes the same as Whites. So are Hispanics in the Trayvon Zimmerman hoax.  Why should they get to replace Whites since they were duped too?

Because Whites were duped by 911, it means Whites can’t do math? Asians can do math because Whites were duped?  Asians were duped just as much.  Asians are duped by their hoaxes like North Korean nukes.

Thomas Jefferson High School is now 70% Asian in the entering classes. Whites in Fairfax County are being taught to accept that Whites can’t do math.  Ones inside NSA are in the same boat. Even though many Whites in NSA do math, they are taught by the hoaxes that Whites are dumb and deserve to be replaced by Asians. This is despite Asians being fooled as well.

Who is leading the fight against the hoaxes? Many of them are working for DHS or the equivalent. But many are genuinely waking up and opposing the hoaxes.  Are Asians doing that? Blacks or Hispanics?

So why again are Whites supposed to be replaced because they are duped by hoaxes?  That is simply another hoax at a different level, a sort of meta hoax that is used to dupe the DHS hoaxers.

Even people like Merkel are duped in that way. She thinks because she dupes Germans, Germans deserve to be replaced. Even though Arabs and Moslems are duped by hoaxes directed at them like the Syria war or Iran or fundamentalism.

The hoaxers are themselves distracted by the hoaxes from their own people being replaced. They come to believe their own people deserve to be replaced for being fooled by them. They think their own can’t be good enough to do math or whatever because they are duped by hoaxes.

This is simply false. Whites can do math and computer programming. Whites invented these despite the hoaxes that have been going on since antiquity.  Whites are still innovating and inventing. Whites will innovate out of the hoax box. That is why they are the ones who have to be replaced?  Because Whites are a threat to the hoax system?

Which brings up, who has turned the hoax system into a reason to replace Whites? Who has a religion, an ideology of replacing Whites?

Who has a hate humor against Whites? Who wrote the All in the Family show to demean Whites? Same as hoaxes makes DHS insiders despise Whites, so did All in the Family. So did that entire genre of hate humor against Whites.

Who invented the Polish joke? Archie Bunker? Or the same group that lived in Poland?  They invented the hate humor against Poles and then duped White Christians in America to think they invented it.

Whites who are running the hoaxes or in the MSM need to wake up. They are being manipulated into despising Whites, even their own family. Whites are no more fooled than Asians and Whites are the ones fighting back against the hoaxes. That is why Whites have to be replaced, not because they are hoaxed, but because they resist the hoaxes and try to expose them.  The ones who program Whites to think that way are the same ones who invented hate humor against Whites.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



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