New World Order hoaxes have gone haywire

January 10, 2016

The New World Order hoaxes are no longer, if ever, rational, or based on a central plan developed by some rational group of “super” beings who could predict the future.  They are simply a procedure stuck in the machine that is being run by various players for short term or local reasons.

The mathematics of immigration are total gene replacement. The NWO types are not very mathematical so they think it is a mixture that is somehow superior. This is false.

NWO types are stupid at both biology and stochastic processes. They have created destruction of the White Race. It is not creative destruction it is evil stupid destruction.

NWO types are not having big families. They are not personally filling up large country homes with their own extended families. They do not fill up Thomas Jefferson High School or Harvard or even investment banks and hedge funds.

They flood the country with Asians and think Asians are superior because of their superior test taking culture and ability.  Asians do not have a superior civilization or technology. They have a superior test taking culture and genes. They have likely bread out real creative genius by centuries of test taking.  They are test taking idiot savants.

NWO seems to think it is doing something positive by Asians replacing Whites in universities built by Whites.  This is totally false. NWO is simply destroying what Whites built by destroying Whites.

Cologne Chaos is not justified by being a hoax. Nor do fake rapes by Moslems prove real rapes by Moslems don’t happen.  Fake crime doesn’t disprove real crime. Ask a cop.

Real White genocide doesn’t make things better.  Nor do the stupid bloviations of NWO cover up the real pain and destruction of the greatest race.

These people watch their own extended family extinguish and that makes them think they are smarter.  That is the most stupid brain malfunction imaginable. Thinking that destroying your own extended family proves you are smarter simply proves you are a total fool.  An evil fool to boot.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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