Could big events like WW2 be a hoax?

February 4, 2016

We are being conditioned by 911 and the shooting hoaxes and ISIS to think that hoaxing is normal. There are also hoaxed assassinations in the past such as likely McKinley, Garfield, Lincoln and Julius Caesar.

We should expect that some of the evidence of past large events has been contrived to be false so that we can be manipulated to doubt the event as a whole if that is desired. However, we can also be manipulated to believe it is true by not pointing out that evidence or making it hard to come by.

NWO creates confusion even within its own ranks. It also creates crises and reasons for managers of the government to have to deal with.  So it will manipulate the evidence at the time so later it can make the event seem real or hoax.

Even within NWO, the managers can’t know. They are in a cloud of confusion as well. They can be manipulated to think they know things at a certain time to get them to act.

However, this mostly has to be done by controlling memes and ideas.  The managers can eventually figure out crude deceptions in some cases. What they can’t get out of are the cultural poison that is destroying the West.  They are even more stuck in that than some who are farther removed from the inside.

In the case of events like WW2, there are plenty of hoaxes or manufactured evidence in them. These can be pulled out to influence our thinking. Just like the Holocaust lampshade hoax makes us doubt the Holocaust, so Hiroshima as not a nuke or Dresden lower casualties can create doubts as to the whole war.


History is a set of lies agreed upon.

Some group of manipulators want to be able to make history plastic so they can change it to suit them. Others simply wanted the evidence of the truth buried forever.  There are records of big and small deceptions. Some are in the open and available, some in private archives or just collections of private or family papers. Some, maybe even most, are not even known or understood to those possessing them.

Many are like the Musgrave Ritual. The meaning has been lost even though a record had been preserved.

If victors write history, then the history being written now is by the victors over the Whites. That would have to be the Jews since no other group has the power to rewrite our history books as they do.  Nor do the Wasp or Catholic elite have an interest to make their past be evil or their heroes be seen as evil.  Jews have that motive. Jews in history are never rewritten into villains, but always the opposite.  Their villains are made heroes and benefactors such as Michael Milken pushing the Zika virus on Charlie Rose this week.

One thing to look at is the dysgenics. If the big event was dysgenic like WW2 was, then it is more likely to be real. It killed the best young men and it also pushed things like women’s equality to lower White fertility.  The latter is true even if the war was a hoax. The latter is also the bigger impact. The Holocaust is also used to batter Whites into submission to their own genocide.  That is done by Jews who can’t conceal their hate of Whites and delight in the destruction of White culture, religion, and civilization and the White race.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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