It’s the dysgenics stupid!

February 4, 2016

New World Order, NWO, has adopted a set of policies or allowed them to take over that cause dysgenics in human populations.   This is a recent change.  When it happened precisely is hard to say.  But sometime between 1800 and 2000 it had happened.  Since it was a set of processes that changed, a range of years is useful as a tool for thinking.

We can approximate it by a year like 1900 or 1914 if we want.  We might even go as late as the 1965 Immigration Act or the year when income inequality was the least or median real wages for men or White men the highest, which would give us a time in the 1970s.

One reads about ideas that the Victorian IQ was 15 points higher than ours.

Is there a deliberate dysgenic policy?  It applies within White populations, e.g. low fertility for academic women and across populations, e.g. a high fertility for Black women.

How could this dysgenic policy come about?

  1. The elite at the top want the fraction of high IQ in the population to be low.
  2. A hostile group like Jews has taken over and is manipulating the system to bring down White or even White and Asian IQ.
  3. The NWO is ruled by emotion and confusion the same or even more than the rest of us.  They simply are not focused on this being the main issue to measure and manage.

In centuries past, eugenic practices were the rule by human societies. Human IQ and associated positive qualities were upward. That drove the rise of the West and the East.  It is responsible for the scientific revolution. It is the cause of the rise of equality.

The smart people had higher fertility than the others and this resulted in a rising standard of IQ. But this also led to equality. The upper classes had more children and eventually the middle and even lower classes became them.

It is possible the ruling elites didn’t want the other classes to be them and wanted them to be obvious inferiors, e.g. other races.

However, this policy is impacting the wealthiest and most talented families.  They have much lower fertility than in the past and it is less certain from generation to generation.

There are a whole set of policies that promote lower fertility in high IQ women.  This includes every type of women’s equality and opportunity.

Wars like WW2 have a bigger impact on dysgenics by promoting women’s equality when they went into the work force than the people killed, if the wars were real.

One way to look at this is to find a group that has above average fertility that might be behind this.  Some groups that have had above average fertility in the past century are Mormons, Catholics and Orthodox Jews.  The group maintaining this the most is Orthodox Jews.

If a family has 10 children, than the multiplier is 5. So if one had a million Orthodox Jews at a point in time and a multiplier of 5 than in 3 generations one could have 125 million. So they could take over the country.  Or even take over the entire West.

The Holocaust, real or not, helped set up this to make Jews untouchable.

Mormons could not engineer the policies that are leading to White decline and moreover, they are experiencing them as well. They are finding Hispanics and Asians taking opportunity.

In contrast, we see high Orthodox Jewish fertility in towns near New York City.  Lakewood NJ and Kiryas Joel or in general Rockland and Orange Counties New York and Brooklyn are some examples.

Asian academic women who come to the West tend to have low fertility.  East Asian IQ is being attacked the same as White IQ.   If deception from a hostile group is behind this, Jews seem the best fit.

Jews promote almost all the dysgenic policies. They push extreme feminism. They push women in combat roles. They push homosexuality. They push drugs and cultural destruction.

White ethnostates with eugenic policies in which the average IQ rises and the number of high IQ people is large are most under assault by modernity.  This is what happened up to 1900. The world of 1914 was a world that had seen a millenium of rising high IQ population of European Whites throughout the world. This was what was destroyed by modernity.

The only group that benefited from that was Jews. They were the group most implicated in the causes of this happening. The primary causes are not wars but social changes and immigration. Jews push those. Their Frankfurt School and similar agencies are behind it. They push it today in our face.  They have a religious population with high fertility whose fertility is paid for by the state.

All of this is most evident and extreme near New York City, which is the center of Jewish power and influence.  Protected religious communities with high fertility paid for by the state and the extreme dysgenic policies for the rest including White Catholics in Northern New Jersey, Westchester, New York City itself and Long Island.

NWO works by deception not just of the mass of people but even within the NWO itself. The hoaxes and deceptions are too great for anyone to keep track of.  Some people may know more. There may be some systematic ones like terrorism.  But only deep insiders know the full extent of the misinformation. They also can’t keep track of the specifics even if they have files or an Internet of their own.  There is too much info to keep track of.

NWO is mostly ruled by emotions and disinformation the same as the rest of the population.  The disinformation most relevant to fertility are things like feminism, Diversity, immigration, etc. The NWO elite are as deluded on these things as others for the most part.

The one group that can keep a distinction is Jews. Jews distinguish the bad policies for the Gentiles and the good policies for the Jews.  They openly favor their own.  They openly disdain and hate the others. Their extreme wealth is an indication of their role in the manipulations. They are the only group that makes manifest a hatred of Whites, e.g. in their hate humor against Whites.

The old Wasp elite has disappeared from low fertility and low displacement. White Catholics are experiencing the same thing.  Jews stand out as the group pushing the decline of Whites and wanting it to happen. They say so openly. They make a culture of it. It is in their humor, entertainment, advertising, education, etc.

The policy of bringing smart Asians to America and Europe where they have low fertility also works for the Jews.  It takes out this rival group while at the same time pushing down the White Protestants and White Catholics.  It is a trifecta of enemies defeated in fertility terms.  Those are the terms that count.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.









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