Human violence is real not a hoax

February 5, 2016

Human violence is real. The New World Order elite are trying to send the message in their hoax attack videos that somehow when they do it, it is not real.  They are convincing us with their 911 movie and their Boston Marathon movie and the Paris Attacks movie that they are not really behind violence.  They try to make themselves look like some gentle ape incapable of violence.

This is the direction they are taking their expose videos and webpages.  But we know human violence is real.  We also know animal violence is real.  This is a world where violence is a part.

NWO is trying to sell us on the idea that violence itself is not real.  They want us to believe that wars engineered by NWO such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and going back Vietnam, Korea, WW2, WW1, and the Civil War are not real or far fewer died.

NWO did 911 as a controlled demolition. They planned the Afghanistan and Iraq wars beforehand.  They also planned to use selective staged hoaxes to create the idea that no one dies in their wars, or far fewer than thought.   This is to convince their own NWO people that their wars are just and benevolent.

Within NWO there is not truth.  NWO hoaxes itself along with us. Most of NWO is being hoaxed in the same way by the hoax videos that NWO is not violent and is benevolent.

Most of the people in NWO have no greater way to validate the overall level of real violence by NWO than we do.  Even most transactors in NWO only really know what they personally were involved in.  The rest they take on faith. Faith in NWO to tell the truth?

The hoax videos are meant to get NWO insiders to believe the NWO agitprop about non-violence. The NWO insiders ridicule the general public for still believing in 911 or in hoax attacks. This bonding over ridiculing the public makes them believe what they are told by NWO higher level insiders that the wars are not so bad, both now and in the past.

NWO shows it has indifference for the White Race and White Life. Whites have been forced from their cities. This is real, not a movie.  NWO is based on lies and deceptions. The hoax videos are meant to flatter our ego because others are hoaxed. But NWO is not benevolent. It is genociding Whites and doing so in a way painful to those experiencing poor working conditions, low wages, college debt, deferred marriage and so on.

NWO is evil. It is based on deception. It is engaging in genocide of the White Race. It is inflicting conditions of misery. It uses financial market fraud. It subjects young adults, middle aged and elderly to anxiety and worsening conditions of life.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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