It is optimal to defect from NWO in DNA terms

February 5, 2016

New World Order, NWO, is genociding the White Race.  The Wright Island Model and Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem entries on this webpage show that. Immigration forever into America and Europe does not create a mixture as a terminal state but simply replaces the White with the brown races. White Civilization is lost.

Up to World War 1 or so, European civilization was eugenic.  Genes flowed from the top down and so created a rising level of IQ and good conduct.  WW1 was itself the killing of many of the best young men, assuming it was real.  However, real or hoax, it resulted in social trends that were dysgenic including welfare so that women at the top bottom had more children.  This included especially Blacks who are manifestly an inferior race.

NWO pours money into Africa resulting in the population boom to 4 billion Blacks by end of the 21st century. They have flooded the White countries with this output of the inferior race.

NWO promotes race mixing between Whites and Blacks, which is dysgenic. Blacks revert to the mean in IQ as Steve Sailer has pointed out. This mean is 70 IQ in Africa, possibly as high as 85 IQ in the US although that likely has fallen.

NWO types are genociding themselves for absurd memes like racial equality.  Racial equality makes no sense at all from a DNA point of view.  It is false in practice and simply destroys Whites.

DNA is billions of years old.

New World Order might be 6,000 years old if one takes some ideas as correct.  During those 6,000 years, NWO or whatever ran human society in Europe was eugenic.  Since roughly 1914, NWO is dysgenic.

Life finds a Way – Jeff Goldblum – Jurassic Park (1993) movie scene

White Life will not be destroyed by a group of elitists who are destroying it.  White Life is based on DNA billions of years old and will not be destroyed by an elite on haywired social meme nonsense like racial equality.

NWO can call Whites racist for wanting to live, but the DNA in White people is billions of years old.  Each DNA has survived billions of years and won’t die just because it is called a name.

When the name calling comes from Jews, a hostile alien race, the signal is given to Whites that they have to find a way to survive. That means find a way against Jews.  It also means find a way against whoever is in their elite working against them.

Those in NWO are helping their own genetic demise. Their own DNA rebels against this. Donald Trump erupts against this DNA self-sacrifice. Jews scream racist and bigot. But that doesn’t work anymore. Jews on MSM screaming bigot are just a virus we have to defeat like the others we have defeated in our billion plus year history of survival.

Whites in NWO are not helping their own DNA survival by aiding it. They help themselves by defecting. That can include undermining NWO without openly opposing it. This can include funding the controlled opposition, but doing it too well.  It can include hiring White and promoting White despite nonsense about racial equality.

Thomas Jefferson knew better than racial equality.  The alien Jewish presence in MSM pushes the false meme of racial equality.  Whites now see that as an attack on them. White Life in NWO will find a way to stop the genocide of the White Race just as White Life outside of NWO does.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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