What was the reason for 911?

February 5, 2016

The attacks on America on September 11, 2001 were done by its own government. What was the purpose?  They were ordered by a president with the consent of Congress and the courts.  How did that happen?

At a tactical level, there may have been reasons given like the risk of Russia’s alleged stockpile of biological weapons being smuggled into the US. Or some other stockpile. If nuclear weapons are a hoax, then the US would be defeated and have to surrender.  That would get cooperation. They wanted to get the power to observe everyone. Thus the Patriot Act was prepared in advance and passed immediately.

However, 911 was not needed for such a purpose. They could have ended immigration including work and student visas and started a process to return Moslems and other foreigners to their own countries.  Instead they chose the strange 911 attacks.

The governing class or New World Order, NWO, had to choose between its social memes of racial equality and White Guilt verses the Constitution and preserving America’s republic and the American way of life. They chose their meme of racial equality and they destroyed the American republic and the American way of life in the name of saving it.

NWO wants to send the message that it has morality. The purpose of the hoaxes is to send moral messages. A racist cop shoots a Black kid and goes to jail.  Violent urban youth are caught in an atrocity and go to prison.  A famous celebrity commits a sex crime and is caught.  A hedge fund manager charges an exorbitant price for a drug and is prosecuted for securities fraud.

NWO wants to be thought of as a friendly benevolent dictatorship that upholds traditional morality by cautionary tales in its hoaxes.  But is that accurate?

NWO floods the country and White countries in general with hostile aliens who make cities unlivable for Whites. This is the reality. It can be verified by looking. It doesn’t require TV or government statistics. You can ride around in a car, on the bus or in a subway and see it.  Their poor schools show it. When promoted by affirmative action, their incompetence and stupidity and ethical indifference show it. Those foolish enough to marry them find it out directly.

NWO wants us to believe that the Civil War, World War 1, and World War 2 were not as violent as we think.  That not as many died. They contrived those wars to advance their agenda. That includes their social engineering agenda and racial engineering agenda.

The results of those wars has been dysgenic at a DNA level and a society level. America and Europe are sick from Diversity, which is a disease that kills the White host.  NWO has brought misery. They have lowered wages and made jobs hard to find. They have laden young people with college debt and difficulty finding a job. They have postponed marriage and childbirth and pushed down fertility. NWO is an evil not a good.

NWO is trying to correct that view with its hoaxes. These are ultimately meant to make us believe no one died in its hoax wars going back to the Civil War.  Carefully planted fake evidence is being exposed to make us think that these wars were a hoax, or at least the deaths, or that far fewer died.

Even if true, the social and racial engineering has been dysgenic at a DNA and society level.  NWO is an attack on White Life itself and requires the total opposition of Whites inside NWO and outside it.

Their hoaxes degrade society and trust, they don’t teach morality lessons. Most of their supposed lessons are simply pushing the same false racial memes they push on their controlled media.  Racial memes that we know are false in real life just by looking.

That is the need for their hoaxes. They need drama to convince us and themselves that their work of racial engineering is working instead of destroying the rise of White Civilization that they take credit for.  Today they are its destroyers not upholders.

NWO is obsessed with racial engineering the White Race out of existence. This crazed meme which is the opposite of human evolution is the reason for 911. 911 was an act of dictatorship by a dictatorship engaged in the genocide of its own people.  That is the purpose of 911, just like everything else they do that is racially linked.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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