How does NWO correct mistakes?

February 11, 2016

New World Order is set up as a secret conspiracy that manipulates governments, markets, wars, the courts, hoax shootings, academia, and history.  So if it makes a mistake who corrects it?

What is the error correction mechanism for NWO? How does NWO identify its own actions, determine they are an error and correct them? Who has authority to do this? Who has the information? Who can gather information?

Does NWO have courts? Do they have police powers? How do they resolve disputes? How do they enforce their decisions?

Does NWO use the court system in some sort of way? Secret trials in the same court houses with the same judges? They use the FBI and local police? They issue court orders from normal judges who are also part of NWO?

NWO has to control the government including DOJ, US Attorney offices, FBI, etc. It has to control the police and court power.  But in that case, how is it monitored?

When NWO is abusing the courts to enforce its orders, how does it correct if the system goes haywire?  Does it have secret appeals courts?

Does it use different law for trademarks, patents, copyright, contracts?

Does it have separate financial markets? Its own separate TV system? A separate set of sessions of Congress or its own legislature?

Does it have its own FDA? Its own guidelines for medicines?

How does NWO maintain separate control without a parallel system?

If NWO uses the existing system with secret understandings and back door deals, how are these corrected when they go off course?

Is the reason the Congress, courts don’t seem to work is that they are managing double work loads? One for regular business and one for NWO?

When the NWO gets off track, how do they correct it?

Do they have their own law treatises? Ones written for NWO by NWO law profs? How does NWO have a system of law to manage itself? How does it resolve disputes? How does it enforce them?

Does NWO simply contaminate the regular system of courts and police which is why they don’t work that well? The same with Congress. NWO imposes double duties on Congress, which is why it seems to work so poorly?

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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