Antonin Scalia promoted to Supreme Court of NWO?

February 15, 2016

Was the death of Antonin Scalia on the John B. Poindexter Ranch a hoax death?  It seems to fit a partial pattern.  It was quail hunting in Texas almost 10 years to the day from the Cheney quail hunting incident.  Was that a hoax too?   The reference to John Poindexter of Iran Contra, another Poindexter, is another clue.  The Dresden Raid anniversary is another more subtle clue.  They are trying to make us believe that raid and WW2 had fewer deaths. Miles W. Mathis posted on Dresden Raid as a hoax a few days before Scalia hoax death.

There is also the lack of an autopsy, the pronouncement of death by a Justice of Peace who did not see the body, and the pillow over his head.  All these are suspicious.

Retired or hoax deathed judges and justices can hear cases involving New World Order, NWO.  NWO needs a dispute resolution.  Their may be an international court system as well.  The higher court may even instruct the public Supreme Court in some cases.

Disputes between countries in NWO may be heard by an international NWO court system. Antonin Scalia may have joined any one of those courts.

Interesting that Scalia died on February 12 or 13, while my post on how does NWO resolve disputes went up on February 11.  Matrixy.

NWO members who hoax death cut their ties with the normal community to a significant extent. They no longer have to ask themselves if NWO is real? NWO becomes their real community and their social ties.

The hoax deathed NWO members have their ties to each other and to NWO. They are therefore better suited to make decisions for the benefit of NWO as opposed to regular folks. They think of NWO as real and real people as a shadow. They have spiritually crossed over to the NWO. Thus they make decisions that harm the real people who are actually having and raising children. That is why they have made decisions that are so bad for Whites who are the basis of NWO continuing to exist. NWO hoax deathed members have lost contact with the real community that sustains NWO, regular Whites.

That is why they think exterminating the White Race will make no difference. The real productive element of the White Race they have cut their ties to and no longer think of as real. So they don’t think it is important that it continue to exist. So they institute policies to destroy it.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


One Response to “Antonin Scalia promoted to Supreme Court of NWO?”

  1. Dom fammartino Says:

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