NWO gives us chances but blames us when we don’t take them.

February 17, 2016

New World Order will give us chances at times to learn the truth or to save ourselves individually. When we fail to recognize the chance given to us, they blame us and feel they are absolved for the consequences. They blame us.  This is despite their flooding our lands with nonWhites who make it inevitable we will be displaced.

Each of our failings they blame on us instead of the mass invasion which makes our displacement a mathematical certainty. We will make “mistakes” whose consequences are greater because the immigration invasion makes that inevitable.

Without the invasion, we could get back from our mistakes and we would not be eliminated. NWO blames even one mistake we make as sufficient for our extinction. This is different than before immigration. NWO ignores that completely and is not even aware of it.

NWO gives us chance after chance in their mind to save ourselves, but we keep messing up to take them. But the immigration invasion makes it a mathematical certainty we will lose out and be displaced. Instead of recognizing that reality, NWO blames us for not taking all the chances they give us.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


3 Responses to “NWO gives us chances but blames us when we don’t take them.”

  1. Col. Bunny Says:

    It’s not clear to me what chances they are giving us.

    • oldatlantic Says:

      Like learning computer programming languages on-line. This is free. For example,


      There are REPL sites where you can enter code and run it without downloading anything to your computer. Some of these can run files from your hard drive and produce output files.

      This is all free.

      You can get credentials in a MOOC.

      NWO thinks these are chances it gives us and if we turn them down, it is on us to earn a living somehow. Their attitude is they gave us a way out and we didn’t take it by learning programming languages.

      • Thanks. I see that there are niche opportunities such as you describe but they do not seem central to the NOW approach. Distance learning and non-traditional approaches do hold great promise but I don’t see them as being embraced by any major institutions or companies. If anything, after acquiring skills available at the link you provide (by way of example, I understand), Disney will hire an H1B replacement for you anyway with a dose of humiliation thrown in.

        I don’t see the NWO people waiting to say, “We told you so.” Rather I see them as being utterly indifferent to American workers or citizens. Pat Buchanan’s recent article illustrates all that the NWO has NOT done to bring jobs back or otherwise protect Americans. Having no shame on such huge assaults on America, they have no shame on what individual Americans do or don’t do. They just don’t care.

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