The psychology of NWO is to ignore what we say

February 17, 2016

People inside NWO are manipulated into thinking that whatever people outside of NWO say, it is unimportant.  We don’t know the secrets and are duped, so anything we say is ignored as unimportant. They are conditioned to think that on an emotional level. Even if they think intellectually that is wrong, it doesn’t matter. NWO knows how to condition its members to ignore us.

From ignoring what we say to replacing us is but a step. NWO knows that and uses this psychology to motivate its members to support White replacement and White genocide. This is even if the are White.

NWO is primarily about manipulating its own members by admitting them to secrets. The biggest manipulation is to ignore those not members because they don’t know the secrets. The second is to replace them with immigrants as if their existence truly doesn’t count.

NWO is also manipulating its members to think that NWO is the community, culture and society that counts. White community, culture and society don’t count to NWO members. They are manipulated into seeing this by the constant duping and manipulation of the White community, culture and society.  They are taught to despise it and that teaches them to replace it with nonWhites.

Despite this, we must act to push our views on them and to confront the irrational ideas implanted into NWO members.  They have to be made to admit they think it doesn’t matter to replace Whites.  They have to be asked what makes them think that since it is contrary to obvious fact.

The destruction of White cities by nonWhites and the no-go zones for Whites show that NWO thinking is what is wrong. NWO has an agenda to genocide Whites that includes manipulating its own members to be a willing part of it.

We need to confront NWO members on Who Whom. Who is manipulating them that way. Whom does the axe fall upon? Whites. Who has the agitprop against Whites? Jews. Who shows the real hate of Whites on TV? Jews.

Jews have taken over NWO and the machinery of outside manipulation and of inside manipulation to turn NWO into a genocide machine aimed at the White Race. This is what we have to confront NWO members with.  We can’t deviate from this because they are more manipulated than we are.

NWO members are flattered that they know the truth and we are duped. That is how they are manipulated into thinking what we say doesn’t matter and from that to replacing us does not matter. We have to explicitly point that out to NWO over and over.  Because they are so manipulated into genociding Whites including themselves, they have to be constantly reminded that they are the ones being manipulated more than us.

To want to genocide their own race, even knowing of the hoaxes, shows that NWO members are the most manipulated and in effect, deluded. Their twin delusions are to ignore anything we say and to think we can be replaced with no effect. The latter is a delusion since even they can’t walk in no-go zones for Whites in cities that were once safe for Whites.

Their children are displaced from schools like Thomas Jefferson High School in Fairfax County that is now 70% Asian.  Similar figures apply to Stuyvesant in Manhattan.

“Asian students made up 72% of the school’s population”

“Thomas Jefferson Class of 2019: 70% Asian”


This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



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