Why 911 Religion of Equality to Super WMD

March 5, 2016

What was the purpose of the September 11, 2001 controlled demolition of the World Trade Center disguised as a terrorist attack with airplanes? It was done to over the next 15 years to make it obvious that the hijackers with airplanes was a cover story and the reality was a controlled demolition.  Why did they want to show us that?

The purpose of 911 was to show us that there is this system of hoaxes and a system of control of media, government, courts, academia. So why do they want to show that?

An earlier discussion is here.


911 = September 11, 2001 attacks including controlled demolition of World Trade Center masked as attack with airplanes.

  1. Show they have achieved one world government.
  2. Show total control to intimidate us.
  3. A faction within NWO wanted to expose the hoax system.
  4. They want to continue to impose the religion of equality and destruction of the White Race.
  5. Some type of religion within NWO.
  6. Justify their genocide of the White Race based on threat of terrorism.
  7. The truth has to be guarded with a bodyguard of hoaxes.
  8. Some technical secret or reason that requires a massive system of hoaxes to distract from it.
  9. A real nuke would set the atmosphere on fire.  This was dismissed we are told by both Germans and Americans during WW2. But perhaps it or something similar is true.
  10. Nukes or something would create a black hole destroying the earth.
  11. There is some type of biological weapon that could be created easily that would destroy humanity.  This could have been discovered between WW1 and WW2.
  12. The true equations of physics themselves are hidden from us for this type of reason.
  13. Quantum Field Theory contains a mishmash of odd ideas that lack coherence as a theory in deeper ways.  Perhaps they have the true version and it is a potential threat.
  14. Some formula in math that would have some application that would be a threat.
  15. A similar result in chemistry
  16. A similar result in biology.
  17. Aliens.
  18. Those in control are aliens.
  19. Those in control are allied with aliens.
  20. Earth is being held back from progress.
  21. The White Race is a threat to develop earth’s technical know-how so it is being destroyed.  This could be by aliens or by NWO humans.
  22. Assault on reality.
  23. 911 was part of a long standing effort to destroy the coherence of life in the West.
  24. They wanted to tear us down to build us up in their own image.
  25. The NWO acts as if it was run by a sociopathic and psychopathic mindset.
  26. Even if the individual members are normal, or even above normal in empathy and compassion, NWO as a secret society engaged in total control acts in a psychopathic manner to destroy the West and the White Race that is its basis.
  27. NWO clearly has emerged out of the White West. But it aims primarily to destroy the White West.
  28. NWO is an extreme totalitarian system and whatever its individual members want, as an entity NWO acts to destroy the society that it nests in.
  29. NWO is inherently a parasite.
  30. NWO cultivates an attitude of disdain and contempt by its members towards the population that ends up in acts such as 911.
  31. 911 was a signal within NWO to complete the genocide of the White Race to ensure it could not be overthrown.
  32. 911 was part of tearing down the social structure of the West which started in the 1960s.
  33. 911 was the end of a phase of tearing down the West and a start of another.
  34. The program to tear down the White Race and Western Civilization had started before the 1960s and was going in full force already in the 1960s.   The American Civil War and World Wars were part of that effort.
  35. Destroying the West’s colonial empires was a goal of WW1, WW2, and the Cold War.  911 signaled a new phase of chaos after destroying these empires that brought White order to Africa and Asia.
  36. 911 signaled a new phase of chaos coming from the 3rd world that was plunged into permanent chaos by the end of the colonial empires.
  37. They created chaos in Africa and Asia by ending the colonial empires and 911 was an intentional blowback of 3rd world chaos into the West.
  38. The plan for post 2001 is to bring the chaos of the 3rd world created by destroying the colonial empires into the West to destroy it as well.
  39. NWO has formed a desire to destroy the West and 911 is part of that program.
  40. 911 and the exposure of controlled demolition and Sandy Hook type events is a further attack on the sanity and reality of the West.
  41. The cohesion of the West is the target.
  42. Trust and coherence in the West is the target. They want to destroy that.


This list may be added to either in this post or another.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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