911 Double Red Pill exposing Hoax and Diversity

March 11, 2016

The September 11, 2001 attacks (911) on the World Trade Center (WTC) and Pentagon were a double red pill. A red pill is from the movie the matrix meaning a pill that makes you wake up from a hoaxality to a reality. The blue pill goes from reality to hoaxality.  The movie was released ahead of the 911 attacks as part of the prep.

The red pill for the public is that they are ruled by hoaxes. This took a long time for them to realize, as it had to be and was planned.  The release of video showing the explosion and other information came about 10 years after the attacks and then it took the absurd shooting hoaxes to wake people up to look at 911 again and to realize it was a complete system of being ruled by hoaxes.

The red pill for the rulers was that they believe their own hoaxes.  In particular, they believe the religion of equality and think the races are equal and diversity is good. The whole point of being ruled by hoaxes is that people are not equal.  The public is too apathetic to rule itself, so it is ruled by hoaxes. The races are not equal just as the public is not equal to the rulers.

The rulers tend to believe their own hoaxes especially when they come as a religion like religion of equality. Most of the hoaxes since 2001 have been ones that show diversity in conflict and show that Diversity is not equal to Whites nor the same as Whites.

We need to get the Diversity out of our countries.  This is the Red Pill message from the Alt Right. The rulers are so imbibed with religion of equality that they are still flooding our lands with Diversity, ie death for the White West and its entire civilization and culture.

The public is too apathetic to rule itself, thus hoaxes. The hoaxers end up believing their own hoaxes and so they destroy the system based on a fundamental deep hoax like Diversity is good.  In particular, Whites are superior to Diversity and Diversity is just destruction of White superiority.

Apathy and self-deception are in every man. They are not nicely split with the public being apathetic and governed by deception and the rulers governed by self-deception.  Each person has to struggle against apathy and self-deception.

The 20th century was running of the rails of self-deception in the rulers because they had imbibed the religion of equality and Diversity. That religion was pushed to the extreme by Jews. Jews are an alien group that don’t identify with Whites. They push the religion of equality and Diversity with an extreme.

Jews are Diversity Fundamentalists.  Jews gained power in America and they pushed Diversity Fundamentalism to the point of the destruction and elimination of White cities. They were the Freedom Riders. They were the civil rights lawyers. But most of all they pushed it in Hollywood, TV, newspapers, publishing, and the schools they took over.

911 was most about exposing the extreme extent of diversity and it also fingers the role Jews play in diversity and immigration. So do the other hoaxes that have a diversity component.

Jews really are an alien group taking diversity and equality and nonWhite immigration to the extreme that they destroy Whites completely.  Life will find a way to switch movie metaphors. White life is finding a way to resist the alien control and destruction by diversity that Jews bring.

So 911 is a triple red pill. It is also waking Whites up to the threat of Jews. Jews were prominent actors in every phase including the subsequent wars in the Middle East.  Jews were heavily discredited by the hoaxes.  Most of all their rule over our minds is discredited.

The Alt Right is White Life finding a way to survive against the death by diversity that Jews are pushing on us.  This is a real struggle, not a hoax. It is a life and death struggle.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



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