Could WW2 have been a hoax?

March 11, 2016

Miles W Mathis has started down the road of exposing parts of World War 2 as a hoax. Was the whole thing?

Dresden hoax.

Whether the was war hoaxed, the rise of the Nazis was pushed, funded and controlled.

The Beer Hall Putsch   

WW2 was intentionally caused by New World Order, NWO. Was the war itself a hoax?

Mathis talks about the problem at times that prior hoaxes become fact. As Napoleon said, history is lied agreed upon.

If WW2 was a hoax, they could convince the rulers for a few years after by having hoax dead tell them it was a hoax.  Erwin Rommel and George Patton meeting with a leader in 1950 telling him WW2 was a hoax would be powerfully convincing.  However, they are dead now if not then.

Almost all the witnesses are dead and even the NWO finds it hard to believe the idea that WW2 was a hoax.  The legend has become the fact. Hoax or not, it is now considered real even within most of NWO. Perhaps it was intended that way.


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