Was Jesus a Crisis Actor?

March 11, 2016

Did the Romans create Christianity out of whole cloth?  The entire religion was produced as a psy-op? It is a slave religion that suits their purposes.  Many of the deaths of martyrs may have been hoaxed.

Did Rome finally fall due to hoaxes? Was Hannibal roaming Italy 10 years a crisis actor? The Romans staged the war to gain greater control of the rest of Italy?

Hannibal was terrorism. The other Italian cities had to turn to Rome for protection. Italy was united under Rome after the Hannibal Show was over.  Hannibal would roam Italy threatening each city and they had to get Rome’s protection. Perhaps the entire journey over the Alps was another hoax?  Hannibal and his elephants were brought to Italy on ships and the Alps story was concocted.

Rome became a state addicted to hoaxes. It had hoax religions, hoax wars, hoax civil wars. It had hoax assassinations. It had hoax depravity in its rulers, which usually resulted in their being killed. Just like our court room hoaxes today, although the celebrity perps usually don’t get killed.

Rome fell because the hoaxes prevented the society from self-governing. The rulers thought they were gods or believed their own hoaxes and the system collapsed.  Jews played a role in the rise of toxic level of hoaxes and self-deception. They can do that.  It is their nature and their skill.

Did every civilization fall because the rulers believed their own hoaxes and could not function to rule the society?  That goes back to Babylon and Egypt? The Tower of Babel was a tower of hoaxes including the Diversity hoax?

Ancient Empires all fell for the Diversity hoax. Persia, Macedon, Egypt and Rome all fell when diversity became the ruling hoax.

The September 11, 2001 hoax attacks may have been an attempt to red pill the society that diversity was a hoax and that hoaxes were the drug of the elite that is a road to ruin.


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