The Trump Rally in Chicago NWO Games

March 12, 2016

Friday March 11, 2016, at the venue of University of Illinois in Chicago, a scheduled Trump rally was canceled because of violence by Blacks, SJWs, and similar NWO leftist agitators. This was evidently planned well in advance and highly organized.

Trump said he canceled the rally after consulting with police.

The Chicago police claimed that Trump canceled the rally without consulting them.  They say they talked to him and told him they had enough security. At an earlier stage they may have worded this as there was not a threat or to minimize the problem even as it had erupted into chaos they obviously could not have controlled in a Trump rally.

The police pretend to be at odds with Donald Trump to hide that the entire event was organized by NWO with Trump, the police, the protesters and even many of the Trump supporters all part of the event.

In a Sherlock Holmes story, A Scandal in Bohemia, he organizes such an event. So the concept of it was already old in 1891.

What we saw was this on a massive scale.  The Chicago Haymarket Riots were identified as NWO by Miles W Mathis.

The entire event was organized for Donald Trump to win the primary. This was pointed out by Rachel Maddow and Michael Beschloss while condemning Trump. Even Trump said it in his many phone calls.

They have switched from raucous debates to riots.  Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich all joined in to play their assigned and scripted roles.  The event was timed for the evening after the Nancy Reagan funeral, which was a hoax as well.

Nancy Reagan watched her own funeral. She may have watched it on camera with some of the people absent, like George Will, and the former presidents Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter. Scalia was also there as were others of the NWO living dead.  It is possible all 1000 guests were in on it, and that Nancy sat in the funeral service itself visible to everyone but not shown by the camera.  Her son Ron Reagan was cracking up at times.

We can see that they are using old tactics of the 1920s where the communists and fascists fought in the streets. Rachel Maddow and Michael Beschloss came closest to saying this. The Maddow coverage was more intellectual than CNN or FOX and so was better.

Social media was deployed in the event. This includes not just human accounts but likely bot or AI computer program accounts.  Some of these are meant for us to spot? But others are very sophisticated and fool us?  Humans may not have much time left on this earth. NSA’s advance in technology of human control and manipulation may go so fast that humans are manipulated and replaced without any human deciding it.

The purpose of 911 may have been to show the power of illusion before humans used it to destroy themselves. This is the message of the Star Trek episode Menagerie.

The basis of General Order 7, the capital crime forbidding contact with Talos IV, is also evident now: to keep humans from learning the Talosians’ power of illusion which would lead to their own destruction.,_Part_II_(episode)

KEEPER: Your race would learn our power of illusion and destroy itself, too.

The NSA or CIA is testing us with phone calls, charities, social media, control and manipulation of presidential campaigns, social media.  911 may have been meant to expose it, but the bureaucratic momentum for social control is now so strong, that 911 was simply adapted into the program of manipulating and replacing humans.


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