Jews play a critical role in making NWO malicious

March 19, 2016

The techniques of hoaxes go back to the Ancient World and were used extensively by the Roman Empire leading to its decline and fall.  Rome also had hoaxes as a Republic and even as a monarchy. What changed from the Roman Republic to Empire?

The Roman Empire became a sort of Soviet like state of lack of freedom not just political but economic. It was strangled by rules, laws and taxes. The hoaxes are a type of Ponzi scheme that requires ever more taxes to keep people paid off to keep silent.

Immigration was another factor hurting the Roman Empire. It was no longer Roman. As it became Hoaxier it became less Roman until it collapsed.

The rise of Jews in the Roman Empire was a critical factor in the rise of hoaxes and of legal and economic oppression. Jews were by some estimates 10% of the population of the Roman Empire.  If Jews mostly lived in cities, they were 50% of the urban population. Thus Jews were the source of oppression by lawyers and bankers and tax collectors. Even at the end of the Republic this was being complained of.

Jews were the source of the new religion which they and the ruling Romans considered to be a hoax they instigated and spread to keep the people thinking of the next world and not of this. The change in religion though also weakened further the bonds between the old Romans and the rulers, who were often barbarian emperors as well as new members of the ruling elite and whatever conspiracy circles operated in the background.

Jews didn’t care at all if the original Roman population either died out or was thinned out. Their new universal religion also encouraged such thinning out and dissipation of the Roman character of the country. Even the older European stocks that were part of the empire such as in France or Spain as they existed as provinces were dissipated and transformed as barbarian invasions arrived.

Jews welcomed Arab Moslems with the newer universal religion, one the Jews may have shaped as well.  Jews turned on what was left of the Romans everywhere the Moslems came and almost eliminated the European race by a Moslem Arab takeover. However, that was defeated by a France that had very few if any Jews unlike Spain and North Africa and Palestine which were full of Jews welcoming the Moslems.

Given what we know of conspiracies this implies the Jews created the new religion and used Arabs as their ally to defeat the Roman Empire in an attempt to genocide Europeans. Arabs and Jews are closely related Semites.

The pattern of the Roman Republic to Roman Empire is being repeated in Europe and America today.  Both had hoaxes before the Jews became powerful. However, the Jews have taken over the hoax machinery and are using it together with banking and legal control and their ways of taking over key institutions to undermine the ethno-national basis of Europe and America as well as Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Western Europe survived the collapse of the Roman Empire and the invasion of the Arabs because it had no Jews to betray it and dupe it into welcoming a hostile invasion. The later Roman Empire came to welcome barbarian invaders and settle them in the empire. Europe and America under Jewish influence are doing the same. This time of far more hostile and alien invaders.

The condition that led France to survive the Arab Jewish invasion was the absence of Jews. That made it ideologically strong to want to survive as a nation and people. Jews take that away leading to defeat, invasion, takeover and genetic replacement.



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