NWO is a malicious conspiracy since it causes White Genocide

March 19, 2016

The New World Order conspiracy, NWO, wants to think it is a benevolent conspiracy. It believes or tells itself that the people are apathetic and so a conspiracy will end up ruling them. It tells itself it is a benevolent conspiracy and it prevents a malicious conspiracy from taking over and ruling the people with malice.

But is NWO a benevolent conspiracy?  The Wright Island Model is a theorem in population genetics that says immigration over time causes complete genetic replacement.  Statistics on never married females in the US show that for those aged 25 to 30, many counties are over 50% never married.

This includes counties like Fairfax County VA outside Washington DC or Westchester County NY outside New York City.  New York County itself has over 85% never married females age 25 to 30.  So the genocide is happening just as the Wright Island Model says.

New World Order attributes this genocide to lack of character in each individual young adult not to the Wright Island Model and their immigration.

Let’s look at some numerical examples.  These are stylized for simplicity.

Steady state

  1. US population 300 million.
  2. People leave 75 years.
  3. 4 million die each year.
  4. 4 million births.
  5. Immigration 0.

Example 2

  1. US population 300 million.
  2. People leave 75 years.
  3. 4 million die each year.
  4. 3 million births.
  5. 1 million immigrants.

The population is also stable. But the genes are not. The immigrant genes are replacing the island genes. This is happening quickly.

The survival factor for genes is 3 million births/4million deaths 3/4.

So after 2 generations, we get 9/16. Call it 1/2.

After 4 generations, we are down to 1/4.

If each generation is 25 years, then in 100 years, 1/4 of the starting genes is left. So we have genocide in one lifetime of some long lived individual.

If the influx is 2 million a year, then the survival ratio is 1/2 per generation, and we get to 1/4 in 50 years.

These two examples explain the observed never married 25 to 30 being over 50% in even the wealthiest counties in the country.  The most educated most intelligent people are going extinct the fastest. But it is happening even in rural counties like Lancaster County PA or Culpeper County Va.

New World Order is apathetic to learning this math. NWO is apathetic to looking up these tables at city-data or wherever. NWO is apathetic to linking the data to the theorem in population genetics. NWO simply says young adults have low character these days.

NWO is the one that is apathetic to math, statistics, data and logic. NWO is causing genocide out of its own apathy. Thus NWO is a malicious conspiracy. NWO has no correction procedure in this case.

NWO has an ideology of equality that blinds it to the population genetic genocide it is carrying out. A genocide that is not making things better. It is wiping out the smartest and best people as well as the rest of the population. NWO doesn’t care because it has an ideology of equality.

NWO ideology of equality is that any person can be substituted for any other person and any gene can be substituted for any other gene. This ideology blinds it.

NWO thinks it is promoting meritocracy even as it genocides the genes of its own children and the smartest people in New York City, Washington DC and the nearby counties.  The same genocide extends into the exurbs and the rural counties.

NWO is a malicious conspiracy because it causes genocide of the population out of its own apathy to math, statistics, data and logic.  NWO as a malicious conspiracy prevents a reform of itself. Thus the genocide goes on.


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