Cop hoaxes from 19th century rule us today

March 24, 2016

In the 19th century organized police forces were formed in London and in other big cities. These police forces at the time were to introduce modern methods. That was supposed to mean old ways like beating suspects would not be needed. Nor would hoaxes. Because the new new police could solve crimes scientifically, there would be no need to have hoax crimes that the authorities solved and punished as in the past.

It didn’t work. The new police forces couldn’t solve crimes either.  Immigrant populations in the US in large cities made it worse.  So the police forces went back to the hoax system. The newspapers were completely in on it.

Every 50 years, the latest advance in scientific police work is supposed to usher in the new era when hoaxes won’t be needed.  This never works in practice, so the cops and media continue the hoax crimes.

Hoax crimes are supposed to deter crime because in a hoax crime like TV, the perps are caught and punished.  Only in exceptional cases like Jack the Ripper are they left unsolved. In that case, they were warning young women to stay off the streets alone at night.

Italian mafia, Blacks, Moslems, etc. all serve the role of the most recent violent danger. In the case of Blacks it is also more or less true as a constant.

The cops themselves are used in hoax crimes to keep the cops in line.

The system of terrorism hoaxes grew out of the cop hoax system. Airplane hijackings were a form of this.  The JFK assassination helped get a huge tax cut from 91 percent to 70 percent 3 months after he hoax died.

The control of the media for police hoaxes naturally leads into false flag wars. They feed on each other back and forth. These wars easily get out of hand, but the media, police, prosecutors, judges and government have every incentive to keep it secret to avoid culpability for the deaths of millions in a big war.

How real big wars are may be difficult for people to know. This may be by design by those responsible for starting them. They create hoaxes within big wars to make people believe the war was a hoax later, or mostly a hoax or had far fewer deaths than reported.

Does this fiddling with statistics extend to unemployment statistics? Inflation. As the doubt of these numbers grow, the effort by people who manage the economy or risk at banks or whatever is reduced. This can then lead to an economy collapsing like the Soviet Union or Rome did.

Once the mangers feel that the numbers they deal with are unreliable, they can’t know if they are faked or not, they stop making as much of an effort. This lack of an edge or determination to make things work then spreads and the institutions start to collapse.

This is what happened to the Soviet Union and the Roman Empire.  The mangers stopped believing in the numbers and the whole thing ground out to ruin.

America and the West have reached the points where the managers can’t know if the numbers are real. Already the unemployment rate is considered bogus and the inflation rate has been manipulated with hedonic values.

The hedonic quality adjustment method removes any price differential attributed to a change in quality by adding or subtracting the estimated value of that change from the price of the old item.

Are their adjustments reasonable? Or are they hired from on high to keep inflation low as critics claim? Can we trust the hoaxers not to hoax the hedonic adjustment? Or do the hoax rulers believe in truth, just after me?

In practice the HQA is used to artificially depress the prices used in the calculation of the CPI.

So in hedonic land, every good and service always gets better. They never get worse. Is that true?

Is housing construction more sold and built to last? Or are the walls paper thin and the houses collapse and become ruined if there is a lapse in care?

modern house construction inferior

Inferior Products and Labor Drive Modern Construction

HENRY PETROSKI JUNE 26, 2014 New York Times.

In contrast, newer homes have been clad outside in shingles that have deteriorated and inside with imported drywall, which, as it breaks down, releases fumes that sicken the occupants.

Add in decaying infrastructure of roads, bridges, etc. Is that adjusted for?

How about badly written computer code? Is that adjusted for? Badly written code requires someone else to repair it, so it actually creates harm. Those swarms of programmers from South Asia are not really that competent. Nor are they honest. Like the phone calls to repair our computer. Hoax or not, the message of those calls is true. After all, our rulers wouldn’t hoax us unless it was a real risk would they?

The hoax system becomes contaminated by doubt. Shoddy workmanship becomes the norm under a hoax system. That applies from the Hispanic workers building your house who can’t read or speak English up to the president and even the banker oligarchs who refuse to learn even the math of finance because that is for their Asian slaves.

Even the Jews are too lazy to learn math finance these days.

Hoax crimes lead to hoax statistics. Or at least no one knows if they are reliable. The past sinks into a swamp of unknowable hoax lies. That swamp engulfs the present. Managers stop caring about the work so much. That spreads to the staff, the students, the teachers, the everyone. Drugged on hoax, the people don’t care and are replaced by the 3rd world anyhow. Chaos and apathy take over and the strange exception that was the White West disappears forever. Killed by apathy that comes from the system of hoaxes, lies and deception that permeates everything in the West under hoax, immigration and Diversity.


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