Hoaxes are the opiate of the rulers while they genocide themselves

March 24, 2016

Hoaxes are a drug like religion. Hoax is a religion. It incorporates Gnostic Christianity, Freemasonry, etc. It was used by prior civilizations like Babylon and Rome with their own gods. Egypt kept itself amused for millenia without real change.

Hoaxes make the rulers feel safe from the people. A daily hoax is a constant reminder to the ruling class they are in charge. Going to a funeral where the dead person is in the audience outside the camera for the public makes them feel like they have immortality. NWO feels good.

Meanwhile, back in math, the population is being replaced by 3rd world genes. The White West is going out of existence at a DNA genetic level.  The rulers don’t notice this because they think Race is a Hoax Construct. They don’t believe DNA is really different and that DNA clusters are really different, producing different behavior and civilizations.

The rulers just see Whites as gullible fools and children to be replaced at the whim of the rulers. It helps when the rulers agitprop comes from Jews who really want the Whites replaced and think it is real.  They nurse grievances from the Roman Empire and before against Whites.

The rulers are mathphobes. Math is for Asians they say and chuckle. They know hoax is for rulers.  As their own children can’t make progress like previous generations they put it down to character flaws. Hoax has blinded them to the reality of White Genocide, which is published science. But then the rulers think published science is just another part of hoax.


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