Jews play a critical role in hoax turning to self-destruction

March 24, 2016

Jews in America and likely in the Roman Empire and in other cases have played a critical role in a system of rule by hoax turning into destruction of the system. The Jews don’t care about the Goyim who are destroyed. They think it advances the Jews to become part of the hoax game. So they join in and take over media, entertainment, banking, the press, TV, legal system, education, etc.

The Goyim rulers like the Jews running the hoax because they are more reliable not to tell the ruled what is happening.  The Jews are quite willing to run the hoaxes to extreme levels and to exterminate the population by immigration. Jews controlling academia and education means that the math of population genetics is never explained to enough people, that immigration is genocide via the Wright Island Model.

The Jews make it impossible for the system to correct itself in time to avoid the genocide of the native population.  Thus the Jews play a critical role to stop the warnings that would come from academia or entertainment or other sources of the impending genocide of the natives. The Jews hate them anyhow.

Even if some messages are sent they are mixed and are overwhelmed by the rest of the Jew message that replacement of Whites doesn’t matter. Jews say Asians are smarter anyhow. Part of the reason to keep Whites out of academic science was to send the message to Whites that Whites can’t do science, only Asians can.

This is the intended message of filling Thomas Jefferson High School in Fairfax County with 70 percent Asian. The governing class in Fairfax County are being told their children are not smart enough to do science so all Whites have to be replaced and it won’t matter anyhow.



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