The problem with rule by hoax is genocide by immigration is real

March 24, 2016

Genocide by immigration is published science, the Wright Island Model. See the references on this web page under that heading and Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem.  The rulers think White Genocide is a hoax they invented to keep the Rednecks in line while they replaced them with immigrants.  Yes, they actually think something that stupidly contradictory.

In a system of rule by hoaxes, those attracted to the system and who rise up in it are attracted to hoaxes not to math. So the rulers are completely apathetic to the Wright Island Model. It is published science that immigration causes genetic replacement. The rulers don’t care, because it doesn’t arrive as an explosion, fake or real.  Explosions, fake or real, are all the rulers understand or care about under the hoax system.

The only people who can be rulers are the hoax system are people who don’t care about math or statistics or the reality of the people.  So when they invent a hoax called White Genocide to use for the controlled alternative right to use, they  can never understand it is actually true.

The hoax system eventually destroys itself by finding rulers who only care about hoaxes and who make decisions that destroy the system. That is what happened to the Roman Empire and the Soviet Union and is happening now to America and the West. It is happening to England. German leaders apparently agreed to it for 2 world wars. So did Russia’s leaders agree to the destruction of their state.




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