911 attacks were a declaration of war within the matrix

March 26, 2016

The 911 attacks signaled openly a conflict between those in the NWO and those outside as well as possibly factions within NWO. In effect, everyone not awake to the NWO was given a red pill and after that they are part of the conflict of the environment that includes the NWO matrix.

If you take the 911 Red Pill you are awake to the NWO matrix. The red pill still leaves you in conflict with the matrix operators.  The NWO enclosure is everyone not in NWO plus those in NWO.  This NWO enclosure is now a conflict region. It was before, but now we outsiders know about it.

Those outside NWO are in a fight for our existence right now. The survival of the White Race is part of that conflict with the NWO.

NWO is seemingly implacably determined to destroy the White Race. If hell is when the White Race is sufficiently destroyed, then NWO is hell bent.



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