Jews are a psychopathic core of NWO

March 26, 2016

NWO attracts psychopaths on purpose. The core of NWO are Jews. They seek out psychopaths. Psychopath is a path.

Psychopaths take planning to psychopathic limits. They are goal oriented, ambitious, work hard. They learn the correct social formula and can repeat it endlessly.

Women of the Goldman Sachs cult are described here.

There is no doubt that GS is a psychopathic institution.

To weed out the lesser recruits, college grads have to endure 20 to 30 interviews stretching over months.

Repeating the exact right formula over and over. Only a psychopath can do this 20 to 30 interviews over months. Or would want to.

GS is the ultimate Jewish insider bank. They recruit psychopaths, Jewish or not. The Jewish core is what has created the GS culture. Goldman Sachs was started by Jews and was primarily Jewish until recent times. GS is a Jewish culture. It is the insider culture taken to the extreme. So GS is the insider Jewish institution and culture. It is a psychopathic culture and institution.

When we look at New World Order and history from the American and French Revolutions to now, we see a psychopathic timeline. This is a long term planning approach and it is cold minded. It has intentionally created wars and destroyed nations and peoples. It is not friendly or sympathetic to the peoples of the West.

Only an alien psychopathic conspiracy would set about over centuries to destroy the White West. Only a Jewish banker and extended cultural conspiracy fits this timeline.


In the local communes,” writes L.A. Tikhomirov, “individual groups of especially wild Jacobins, who had not been initiated into higher politics, sometimes broke into synagogues, destroying the Torah and books, but it was only by 1794 that the revolutionary-atheist logic finally forced even the bosses to pose the question of the annihilation not only of Catholicism, but also of Jewry. At this point, however, the Jews were delivered by 9 Thermidor, 1794. Robespierre fell and was executed. The moderate elements triumphed. The question of the ban of Jewry disappeared of itself, while the Constitution of Year III of the Republic granted equal rights to the Jews.”

When the French Revolution threatened the Jews, suddenly the leaders were killed and it soon veered to conflict with the European states.

The biggest target of the French Revolution in France, Germany and Italy were the aristocracy. That was removed to the extent possible as a counter to the banking power of the Rothschilds and Jewish houses.

Napoleon invaded Italy and Germany and limited the powers of local aristocrats, as in France, consolidating into larger entities more easily manipulated by large Jewish banks like the Rothschilds. We see how that works today in America, where Jewish oligarchs and banks like Goldman Sachs totally control the Congress and have co-opted the other parts of the government. The head of the FBI worked a stint at a hedge fund after his main career in government and before becoming head of the FBI.

The French Revolution was part of a process of breaking down the aristocratic, Christian and conservative elements of the White West. This suited the plans of the Jews, but no one else.  Jews were given privileges and were protected by Napoleon.

Napoleon Bonaparte of the First French Empire enacted laws that emancipated European Jews from old laws restricting them to ghettos, as well as the many laws that limited Jews’ rights to property, worship, and careers. There are many contradictory historical viewpoints and documents concerning Napoleon’s intentions and feelings of the Jewish community, but the increase in social standing of Jews in France and surrounding parts of Europe during and after his rule is undeniable.

It is possible that Jewish bankers had influence on both sides and that Napoleon sent little time on St. Helena, but went somewhere else after that. Napoleon put his family on every throne in Europe he could find as if he knew that his time as emperor was short and he would be gone, ie that he was a Rothschild agent and the plan was for the French to be defeated in war after being crushed in Russia.

The same plan was repeated with Hitler, this time creating a Soviet Union to fight it. The same plan was repeated in the Cold War at a slower pace, with the West bled out and its colonial empires destroyed.

We know that the New World Order repeats the same motifs and plans over and over again. This is to show the inevitability of its power to its lesser members and those on the outside who can read the signs.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



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