Is it Jews behind White Genocide or some NWO behind Jews?

March 27, 2016

Who is behind the genocide of Whites?  First we know there is a genocide of Whites because it is published science, the Wright Island Model, that immigration causes a complete replacement of genes. See Wright Island Model entries. Second, the statistics on never married females age 25 to 30 in cities, suburbs, and rural counties show this. In Manhattan it is 85% never married, in Westchester and Fairfax County it is 65% and even in rural counties like Lancaster PA it is over 40%.  This and the numbers for 30 to 35 and 20 to 25 imply fertility is being depressed below replacement for Whites.

Jews are in all the right positions to be causing this. They have control of banking, the media, Hollywood, newspapers like New York Times and Washington Post, the Amazon book store, Google, Facebook, etc.

But is some group we can’t see using Jews as a cover to genocide Whites?  If there was, Jews would have to know who it was. At least Jews at the top. So these Jews would be the interface from the hidden force.  They would be as guilty as the hidden force.

Such a hidden force would have to have its network to enforce its decision. David Rockefeller could not simply order it by himself and the Jews do it unless the Jews were as in it as Rockefeller.

Do we see such a network in place emanating from some place behind the Jews?  Not really. The Jews are the network. Nor does anyone seem to control them.

There is no evidence of a hidden network that forces Jews to go on TV and rant hate against Donald Trump for wanting to slow the pace of nonWhite immigration.  The Jews who express hate openly against Whites on TV seem to be fully animated and authentic. These are their real emotions.  This is what they really want.

The Jews on TV do not appear coerced or acting against their will, or with any reluctance. On the contrary, if anyone expresses less than full agreement they react with anger and fury.  Jewish billionaires act the same way. They are implacably committed to nonWhite immigration to replace Whites.

No other group in the right positions of power manifests the same determination to replace Whites by nonWhite immigration. No other group makes a cause of it and has the means to do it like Jews.

As said before, if someone else was using Jews, they would have to be willing to do it. But we would at times see evidence of that other group. The Wasps are mostly replaced in the right positions to make it happen. The Jews replaced them. Some White Catholics, especially Irish, are part of this, but they do not seem to have the consistent hatred on TV that Jews have.

The logic of the willing participation of immigrant nonWhites is given by Vanishing American in this link.

In effect, the logic of her article can be applied against Jews with the same conclusion, they are willingly guilty. Since no one appears to stand behind Jews, they appear to be the ultimate force.

If WW2 happened on its as we are told, it would make no sense for White countries to then willingly surrender without a fight to replacement by nonWhites. That includes giving up their colonial empires. What makes sense is that WW2 and White Genocide were caused by the same force. That force appears to be Jews in both cases. They created the Nazis and Soviet Union and set WW2 on its course. They created the Holohoax myth while in fact getting Jews out of Europe before WW2 and protecting the few left in camps from the war.


Note this also.

James Kirchick, “a Jewish homosexual,” writes

“Identitarianism” is a newfangled euphemism for white supremacy.

Once again it is always Jews attacking White identity as White Supremacy.  This is at the Jewish controlled National Review.

It was Jews and Jewish money that worked implacably to turn National Review into an antiWhite group from its original start as a proWhite magazine and group that in effect openly supported White Supremacy as the current Jew dominated NR would say.


The transfer of Washington Post from Jew to Jew Jeff Bezos is an illustration of how Jews keep power over media and are the enforcers of White replacement.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



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