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Did Persia teach Ancient Greece NWO?

April 25, 2016

Did the Persian Empire teach Ancient Greece the principles of NWO? Were the Greco-Persian wars put up jobs?  Greece was set up as a new center and the Persian empire taken down?  Then Rome was chosen to be the new center and Greece taken down? Then Rome taken down? And so on?

NWO sets up empires and then takes them down. The population is always worse off afterwards as the empire phase pushes Diversity that destroys the native stock.  NWO now does this deliberately if not from start. Particularly, Jewish run NWO does it intentionally.

UK, British colonies, Germany and France are the main targets now.


NWO is taken over by Jews

April 25, 2016

New World Order, NWO, was not based on exclusiveness as to ethnicity, religion or even race. Jews are.  Just like an academic department such as Harvard Law School or MIT Econ, once Jews get in, they take it over. Jews promote their own. That applies inside NWO just like inside Harvard or MIT or the Fed.

NWO has increasingly become the wrecking ball of the West and the White Race. This is because it is increasingly run by Jews for Jewish goals. Wrecking the White Race has been the main goal of Jews since they encountered Greece and Rome.

Jews have a racial strategy. Jews are racial supremacists and they believe the White Race must die for Jews to have supremacy over earth.  Jews always work to genocide Whites. This includes inside NWO.

Gentile NWO are cucks next to Jews, same as everywhere else.  Letting Jews in is always cuck. The only cure is to expel the Jews. NWO has to expel its Jews to go back to being a service organization that guides the development of the White West.

NWO is based on the White Race and when it loses that it just becomes another Jewish power center. That means it is hostile to all Gentile life on planet earth.

A ruling secret society is not an equilibrium

April 23, 2016

When a secret society rules over a society in secret it is not a stable equilibrium. The larger society will find out and try to overthrow the secret ruling society.  To prevent this, the secret society has to wage war on the larger society.

The larger society has to be reduced to conditions of slavery and desperation in order to keep it in check. However, this in turn leads it to investigate how this is happening and to organize a resistance.

The secret society has to create external enemies in order to say in power and distract the subjects.  So we have always been at war with East Asia as George Orwell wrote.  The wars, the threats are all needed to subjugate the subjects.

Immigration leads to the population being substituted for those outside and this allows divide and rule tactics. The Wasp elite did this in the 19th century and it was dethroned by Jews who worked together to overthrow them. The Jews also turned the Catholics against the Wasps and even many Wasps they turned against them.  The Old Eastern Establishment of Wasps was not just defeated, it was exterminated.

However, the new Judeo-Catholic-Protestant etc elite is still self-exterminating.  To perpetuate their ruling secret society they exterminate their own genes. This is a losing proposition from a genetic point of view.

The ruling elite can’t perpeptuate its own genes if it eliminates its own population. But to perpetuate its secret rule it is doing that. This creates a genetic incentive for its members to bring it to an end.


NWO is genociding Whites for one world government

April 10, 2016

NWO is using immigration of nonWhites into White countries. By the Wright Island Model in population genetics this causes complete genetic replacement. The statistics on women aged 25 to 30 shows some areas like New York County 90 percent never married. Fairfax County is well over 50 percent aged 25 to 30 never married.

Such late marriage or no marriage in history is what happens in periods of extreme economic distress. Which is what immigration is by population genetics. It transfers resources and opportunity to the immigrants, and the native group is genocided. This is what the population genetics theorem says.

What good is one world government if it genocides the White population to achieve it? If its first action is White Genocide isn’t it just evil?  What is in it for Whites? Be slowly sacrificed by religious fanatic leaders?

The real religious fanatics are not in Iran or Saudi Arabia or the fake terrorists, it is the rulers of New World Order. They are genociding their own race and extended families so that they can be important.  But they are not important for achieving world peace but destroying the chance for world peace.

As the White West is destroyed, it won’t be peace. It will be wars with robots and computers.  The worst wars in history.  NWO rulers are just evil to everyone. It would be better if NWO had never existed and its leaders had never been born.  Cursed are they by all Mankind.

Curse the rulers of New World Order. They genocided the White Race the slow way. More effective than any weapons of war. God Damn you All to Hell.

NWO does White Genocide but too stupid to notice

April 9, 2016

New World Order is causing White Genocide.  NonWhite immigration causes White Genocide is the Wright Island Model of population genetics.  The statistics on never married women aged 25 to 30 show this in practice.

Over 50 percent of women aged 25 to 30 in Westchester County and Fairfax County are never married. These are the two core suburban counties of New World Order.

NWO contempt keeps them learning population genetics and that this is caused by immigration. Instead their contempt makes them blame each individual for poor character or being depressed.

NWO causes the depression by causing the genocide. It causes the genocide by immigration.  It is published science this happens. But NWO contempt keeps them learning this.  They just blame everyone else for poor character.

This is the whole NWO attitude. In every project involving a NWO person, they have contempt for everyone else. They poison the project with their contempt and then blame everyone else for its failure.  They never learn their part.

NWO will never really get that White Genocide is happening because they blame everything that happens on other people’s poor character. NWO can’t learn because of its contempt attitude. They also can’t even learn that they radiate contempt and this poisons every project they are involved in.  They are incredibly stupid fat heads.  It is killing us.

NWO service group or hate group?

April 9, 2016

New World Order wants to think of itself as a service group. But as an insider group that is also secret and intentionally dupes others, it teaches its members extreme contempt for everyone else. This contempt deepens into a fixed disdain which becomes hate.  NWO by its nature as a secret conspiracy is a hate group.

NWO contempt poisons projects. When a NWO person is assigned to help you, the contempt creates a poisoned atmosphere. The NWO person is a poison pill.

The contempt attitude interferes with learning. The NWO person doesn’t learn their part and so they let others down.

The NWO person exits the project, often ending it, and files a false report with NWO blaming their own poisoned personality on the project team members who are not part of NWO.

NWO is a hate group because it has to be

April 6, 2016

New World Order to preserve secrecy has to inculcate contempt by insiders of outsiders. Over time this contempt turns to a deep disdain and then hate. It is part of the inherent dynamics of a secret society trying to control everything that it is a hate group.

Because NWO is a hate group, it destroys it doesn’t help. It is genociding the White Race. This is published science, the Wright Island Model. NWO blinds itself to this because it is so full of contempt of Whites it doesn’t care that it is genociding them.

In the last century, NWO has promoted bad genes and eliminated good genes. This is growing out of control. NWO is keeping the lid on by bankrupting the US.  NWO is a Ponzi Scheme because it is bad.  Evil needs money to keep going and NWO is running out.

NWO has been paying off the dictators and corrupt elites of the 3rd world. It got the money by bankrupting the first world and demographic destruction of its own White people.

There is no more NWO after White people, because no one else wants to pay to keep it going. It is just stupid. It is arrogance and pride.

NWO claims to respect knowledge, but its insiders don’t learn population genetics or pay attention to what is happening. They are blinded by their contempt of Whites for being duped by them.

NWO logic is because they duped Whites, getting rid of Whites won’t matter. This is false. After Whites, there is just chaos.

Asians are not going to stick with a system that genocided its own creators, Whites. NWO won’t survive. NWO was just a suicide meme in the White Race.

NWO thinks that progress in the last 1000 years is due to it. Actually, it is from improvements in genes that happened without NWO being very aware of it at all until recently.

That progress is being reversed and the ethnogenetic coherent nations destroyed. This will be replaced by Africa’s huge population explosion. NWO is just evil and destructive. It hates the White West and is destroying it. NWO is the evil that must be destroyed.

NWO contempt ruins everything it touches Curse

April 6, 2016

New World Order hoaxes and dupes the population. Its members feel contempt for the population. When NWO are assigned to projects with the population, they feel contempt for the other people in the project. This poisons the project and makes it fail. Then the NWO people file false reports blaming the failure on the other people. Many in NWO don’t even understand they do this.

So NWO has a Contempt Curse. Their organization’s secrecy depends on insiders feeling contempt for outsiders. But this feeling of contempt makes mixed projects of insiders and outsiders fail.  The insiders then file false reports blaming the failure on the inadequacies of the outsiders. This is repeated over and over with NWO apparently never noticing it.

If NWO is a service organization, it is one designed to fail through the Contempt Curse.

Another related problem is the unethical behavior. NWO members routinely engage in unethical or illegal behavior. They get business plans of competitors through interviews of employees of competitors or other means. They learn price information of competitors by whatever means they can and then use it.  Competitors share information.

When NWO tries to help an outsider, they give them the gift of the same opportunity to learn information.  If the outsider is honest and turns the information away, then he doesn’t get the NWO “help”.  NWO helps the unethical. Meanwhile the unethical take the help and they survive in the marketplace or move up as employees. So NWO helps the unethical and forces the ethical to be unethical to compete or just survive.

NWO is not a service organization it is one that forces unethical methods onto everyone.

Everyone distrusts everyone the surveys tell us. No surprise. With friends and family in NWO radiating contempt for those not in, and pushing unethical methods or using them to advance, no wonder the whole society feels depressed and distrustful.

NWO is the disease. It is a secret conspiracy that controls things and it forces unethical dishonest behavior on the population. This results in failure of institutions and distrust.

They can’t blame their NWO system or themselves as individuals so they blame the population for having low character.  It is their whole system to have low character. They force it on their members and then force it on everyone else both as individuals and as organizations.

NWO doctors push medicines that are bad out of arrogance

April 5, 2016

NWO doctors like all NWO people are full of contempt for others and this leads them to not listen to contrary information about the medicines they push.  So they ignore information on side effects of statins and keep pushing them on patients even after those patients develop known side effects of statins.  The same applies to advair and singulair.


NWO arrogance and contempt is their hallmark

April 5, 2016

New World Order has an arrogance and contempt for others that permeates everything they are involved in. This poisons the work atmosphere. NWO people don’t follow through on their commitments and drop out of the project when others depend on them. The NWO person is the person you don’t want to hire or be involved with.

NWO are serial molesters of whatever projects they are involved in. They simply create chaos. Their contempt and disdain for those not in NWO becomes the controlling emotion of themselves and the project.

NWO people tend to stop learning. They coast on their laurels. The few times they learn is when motivated by envy of others. But usually they just destroy when they can’t learn.

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