Delivery of Washington Post under cars

April 2, 2016

The Washington Post has to be delivered in my area by throwing it up under cars to keep the Diversity from stealing it.  In particular, there is a metro bus stop in front of the house.

As I grow older, the risk of a fall while trying to get the paper from under the car increases. So at some point, I can’t subscribe to the Washington Post because of the risk of injury to try to retrieve it from under the car.

The group most likely to continue to subscribe to the paper edition of the Washington Post are White elderly. This group has to stop subscribing because to deliver the paper edition to them WaPo has to hide the paper under their car because the Diversity might steal it.

WaPo which is Jewish controlled by transfer design to Bezos advocates more Diversity. This then risks injury to its elderly White subscribers who have to discontinue subscribing as a result.

This might be called the Paradox of WaPo. Or the controlled demolition of WaPo. The demise of WaPo is planned because it designs Diversity to replace White elderly.


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