NWO lacks a way for those outside it to correct record inside

April 2, 2016

New World Order relies on its own members to be truthful in reporting on people outside of NWO. However, if the NWO member reporting on you gives an incorrect or misleading report to cover up their own mistakes or even envy or other bad motive, there is no way for the outside person to correct it.  There is no procedure.

NWO lacks due process of law and equal protection of the laws. It is a club that lets its members get away with false reports to cover up their own malicious or just apathetic behavior.

NWO by its structure encourages its members to cover up their own bad motives and that projects fail because those motives by the NWO member are the reason.  This is lack of due process and equal protection is another reason that NWO is destructive not constructive.

We can see this in the hardship imposed by NWO on contemporary America and back to the Roman Empire and before.  The NWO system has been proven over and over to be a bad system.


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