Was 911 a rogue group of Wasps exposing rule by Jews & Catholics?

April 2, 2016

The September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon have over the last 15 years exposed that a conspiracy rules over America and in fact the world. Who is that conspiracy? Why did they need to expose themselves on 911? To show they were in power to intimidate us? Or did a rogue group want to expose the ruling conspiracy?

The presidents most behind 911 were the two Bushes and Clinton.  The Bushes are old line Yankees transplanted to Texas.  Clinton is from Arkansas and his wife from Midwest.

If David Rockefeller planned it in the 1960s, then it came out of a Wasp tradition.

So why did the Wasps do 911? To expose that America had been taken over by Catholics and Jews?

Was 911 done by a remnant of Protestants? Ones who controlled parts of the US government such as military, CIA?  They wanted to expose the Catholic Jewish takeover?

Catholics and Jews in Congress are voting for nonWhite immigration. The White Protestants are against it.  There are some exceptions.

John Rockefeller of West Virginia is an F from NumbersUSA.


Was this a struggle between two cities, New York and Washington DC? Washington wanted to expose the takeover by New York of the country? New York is genociding the Whites?

Is there a split in New World Order? Or is there a New World Order that opposes Old World Order? Is NWO partly inside OWO as a cell?

911 had a lot of Jews and Israel involved. What was their motive? To stop the Catholic controlled Democratic party ending White America?

911 also had a lot of Catholics involved like Giuliani and the police and firefighters. What was their motive? To stop ethnic cleansing of Whites by an OWO that was crazy with antiWhite hatred?

Individuals are members of multiple groups and coalitions even within NWO/OWO? Out of this shifting morass, a small group engineered 911 for some reason. To expose the whole thing obviously. But why? To cement its rule by awe? Or to expose it because it was engaged in White Genocide?

Some involved did it for one reason, others for the other, and some just for the fun? The same applies to shooting hoaxes? A lot do it to get paid. Cops and firefighters in New York want to keep their huge pensions. And so on.



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