NWO ignores role of genetics

April 3, 2016

The secret of New World Order’s success up to the 19th century was improving genetics. It was not aware of this, and took credit for its own guidance.  This is why it switched to policies that were bad for genetics in the 19th and 20th centuries without realizing the impact.

The turning of NWO against eugenics and rising genetics has led to a reversal of genetic progress. This is a calamity for humanity.

NWO wants to eliminate the White Race. It thinks a mixture of races is as good or better than individual ones. This is a false view. It ignores the coherence of a race’s genetic mixture. Genes that work well together as a set may not work well when randomly mixed into another set.

NWO is based on the White Race but it is destroying the White Race as fast as it can. The result will not be a better NWO with a better human race, but rather a collapse of the system into chaos and real uncontrolled wars.

NWO ignores that the genes of the White Race are far older than NWO. The White Race and other races are going to fight back against their being eliminated and the lowering of the quality of the gene pool.

NWO is now a threat to life and life will destroy NWO in response.


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