NWO contempt ruins everything it touches Curse

April 6, 2016

New World Order hoaxes and dupes the population. Its members feel contempt for the population. When NWO are assigned to projects with the population, they feel contempt for the other people in the project. This poisons the project and makes it fail. Then the NWO people file false reports blaming the failure on the other people. Many in NWO don’t even understand they do this.

So NWO has a Contempt Curse. Their organization’s secrecy depends on insiders feeling contempt for outsiders. But this feeling of contempt makes mixed projects of insiders and outsiders fail.  The insiders then file false reports blaming the failure on the inadequacies of the outsiders. This is repeated over and over with NWO apparently never noticing it.

If NWO is a service organization, it is one designed to fail through the Contempt Curse.

Another related problem is the unethical behavior. NWO members routinely engage in unethical or illegal behavior. They get business plans of competitors through interviews of employees of competitors or other means. They learn price information of competitors by whatever means they can and then use it.  Competitors share information.

When NWO tries to help an outsider, they give them the gift of the same opportunity to learn information.  If the outsider is honest and turns the information away, then he doesn’t get the NWO “help”.  NWO helps the unethical. Meanwhile the unethical take the help and they survive in the marketplace or move up as employees. So NWO helps the unethical and forces the ethical to be unethical to compete or just survive.

NWO is not a service organization it is one that forces unethical methods onto everyone.

Everyone distrusts everyone the surveys tell us. No surprise. With friends and family in NWO radiating contempt for those not in, and pushing unethical methods or using them to advance, no wonder the whole society feels depressed and distrustful.

NWO is the disease. It is a secret conspiracy that controls things and it forces unethical dishonest behavior on the population. This results in failure of institutions and distrust.

They can’t blame their NWO system or themselves as individuals so they blame the population for having low character.  It is their whole system to have low character. They force it on their members and then force it on everyone else both as individuals and as organizations.


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