NWO is a hate group because it has to be

April 6, 2016

New World Order to preserve secrecy has to inculcate contempt by insiders of outsiders. Over time this contempt turns to a deep disdain and then hate. It is part of the inherent dynamics of a secret society trying to control everything that it is a hate group.

Because NWO is a hate group, it destroys it doesn’t help. It is genociding the White Race. This is published science, the Wright Island Model. NWO blinds itself to this because it is so full of contempt of Whites it doesn’t care that it is genociding them.

In the last century, NWO has promoted bad genes and eliminated good genes. This is growing out of control. NWO is keeping the lid on by bankrupting the US.  NWO is a Ponzi Scheme because it is bad.  Evil needs money to keep going and NWO is running out.

NWO has been paying off the dictators and corrupt elites of the 3rd world. It got the money by bankrupting the first world and demographic destruction of its own White people.

There is no more NWO after White people, because no one else wants to pay to keep it going. It is just stupid. It is arrogance and pride.

NWO claims to respect knowledge, but its insiders don’t learn population genetics or pay attention to what is happening. They are blinded by their contempt of Whites for being duped by them.

NWO logic is because they duped Whites, getting rid of Whites won’t matter. This is false. After Whites, there is just chaos.

Asians are not going to stick with a system that genocided its own creators, Whites. NWO won’t survive. NWO was just a suicide meme in the White Race.

NWO thinks that progress in the last 1000 years is due to it. Actually, it is from improvements in genes that happened without NWO being very aware of it at all until recently.

That progress is being reversed and the ethnogenetic coherent nations destroyed. This will be replaced by Africa’s huge population explosion. NWO is just evil and destructive. It hates the White West and is destroying it. NWO is the evil that must be destroyed.


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