NWO does White Genocide but too stupid to notice

April 9, 2016

New World Order is causing White Genocide.  NonWhite immigration causes White Genocide is the Wright Island Model of population genetics.  The statistics on never married women aged 25 to 30 show this in practice.

Over 50 percent of women aged 25 to 30 in Westchester County and Fairfax County are never married. These are the two core suburban counties of New World Order.

NWO contempt keeps them learning population genetics and that this is caused by immigration. Instead their contempt makes them blame each individual for poor character or being depressed.

NWO causes the depression by causing the genocide. It causes the genocide by immigration.  It is published science this happens. But NWO contempt keeps them learning this.  They just blame everyone else for poor character.

This is the whole NWO attitude. In every project involving a NWO person, they have contempt for everyone else. They poison the project with their contempt and then blame everyone else for its failure.  They never learn their part.

NWO will never really get that White Genocide is happening because they blame everything that happens on other people’s poor character. NWO can’t learn because of its contempt attitude. They also can’t even learn that they radiate contempt and this poisons every project they are involved in.  They are incredibly stupid fat heads.  It is killing us.


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