NWO service group or hate group?

April 9, 2016

New World Order wants to think of itself as a service group. But as an insider group that is also secret and intentionally dupes others, it teaches its members extreme contempt for everyone else. This contempt deepens into a fixed disdain which becomes hate.  NWO by its nature as a secret conspiracy is a hate group.

NWO contempt poisons projects. When a NWO person is assigned to help you, the contempt creates a poisoned atmosphere. The NWO person is a poison pill.

The contempt attitude interferes with learning. The NWO person doesn’t learn their part and so they let others down.

The NWO person exits the project, often ending it, and files a false report with NWO blaming their own poisoned personality on the project team members who are not part of NWO.


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