NWO is genociding Whites for one world government

April 10, 2016

NWO is using immigration of nonWhites into White countries. By the Wright Island Model in population genetics this causes complete genetic replacement. The statistics on women aged 25 to 30 shows some areas like New York County 90 percent never married. Fairfax County is well over 50 percent aged 25 to 30 never married.

Such late marriage or no marriage in history is what happens in periods of extreme economic distress. Which is what immigration is by population genetics. It transfers resources and opportunity to the immigrants, and the native group is genocided. This is what the population genetics theorem says.

What good is one world government if it genocides the White population to achieve it? If its first action is White Genocide isn’t it just evil?  What is in it for Whites? Be slowly sacrificed by religious fanatic leaders?

The real religious fanatics are not in Iran or Saudi Arabia or the fake terrorists, it is the rulers of New World Order. They are genociding their own race and extended families so that they can be important.  But they are not important for achieving world peace but destroying the chance for world peace.

As the White West is destroyed, it won’t be peace. It will be wars with robots and computers.  The worst wars in history.  NWO rulers are just evil to everyone. It would be better if NWO had never existed and its leaders had never been born.  Cursed are they by all Mankind.

Curse the rulers of New World Order. They genocided the White Race the slow way. More effective than any weapons of war. God Damn you All to Hell.


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