A ruling secret society is not an equilibrium

April 23, 2016

When a secret society rules over a society in secret it is not a stable equilibrium. The larger society will find out and try to overthrow the secret ruling society.  To prevent this, the secret society has to wage war on the larger society.

The larger society has to be reduced to conditions of slavery and desperation in order to keep it in check. However, this in turn leads it to investigate how this is happening and to organize a resistance.

The secret society has to create external enemies in order to say in power and distract the subjects.  So we have always been at war with East Asia as George Orwell wrote.  The wars, the threats are all needed to subjugate the subjects.

Immigration leads to the population being substituted for those outside and this allows divide and rule tactics. The Wasp elite did this in the 19th century and it was dethroned by Jews who worked together to overthrow them. The Jews also turned the Catholics against the Wasps and even many Wasps they turned against them.  The Old Eastern Establishment of Wasps was not just defeated, it was exterminated.

However, the new Judeo-Catholic-Protestant etc elite is still self-exterminating.  To perpetuate their ruling secret society they exterminate their own genes. This is a losing proposition from a genetic point of view.

The ruling elite can’t perpeptuate its own genes if it eliminates its own population. But to perpetuate its secret rule it is doing that. This creates a genetic incentive for its members to bring it to an end.



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