NWO is taken over by Jews

April 25, 2016

New World Order, NWO, was not based on exclusiveness as to ethnicity, religion or even race. Jews are.  Just like an academic department such as Harvard Law School or MIT Econ, once Jews get in, they take it over. Jews promote their own. That applies inside NWO just like inside Harvard or MIT or the Fed.

NWO has increasingly become the wrecking ball of the West and the White Race. This is because it is increasingly run by Jews for Jewish goals. Wrecking the White Race has been the main goal of Jews since they encountered Greece and Rome.

Jews have a racial strategy. Jews are racial supremacists and they believe the White Race must die for Jews to have supremacy over earth.  Jews always work to genocide Whites. This includes inside NWO.

Gentile NWO are cucks next to Jews, same as everywhere else.  Letting Jews in is always cuck. The only cure is to expel the Jews. NWO has to expel its Jews to go back to being a service organization that guides the development of the White West.

NWO is based on the White Race and when it loses that it just becomes another Jewish power center. That means it is hostile to all Gentile life on planet earth.


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