Jews are opposed to Life for other races

May 4, 2016

Jews oppose the basic mechanisms of life for other races and groups. The basic mechanisms of life are grouping, sorting and selecting based on like DNA. Jews practice that within their own group.

Jews exclude other races and groups from institutions once Jews gain control over them. This includes Harvard, Supreme Court, New York City, Scarsdale schools, etc.

Jews use grouping, sorting and selecting based on like DNA in every phase of their life including work. They seek to ban that to other races especially to the White Race that they hate and loathe.

Since Jews are opposed to the basic mechanisms of life for other races, Jews must be separated from the other races and put into their own homeland.  Jews must not run or control organizations or institutions that contain the other races or groups.  This is especially true of Whites.

Because NWO opposes the basic mechanisms of life to non-Jews but not to Jews, it shows Jews are the controller of NWO.  Jews created or took over NWO to turn it into anti-life for non-Jews and life for Jews.  This is by preventing access to the basic mechanisms of life for non-Jews which are all based on grouping, sorting and selecting based on like DNA.

Grouping, sorting and selecting based on like DNA is the right to Life. Jews deny the right to life to other races and groups while retaining it for themselves.

To see who rules over you, see who can group, sort and select by like DNA. Also see who can’t. Jews can but White Protestants and White Catholics can’t. Thus Jews rule over the White West. Jews control NWO. Jews created it to destroy the White West.


One Response to “Jews are opposed to Life for other races”

  1. The jew is too stupid to see their “plan” is unworkable. there is a good reason why they always lose. They are NOT SMART OR CAPABLE or running any organization. Their numbers are far too small and their abilities too incompetent to actually run a society. Their open contempt of others and their obvious favoritism of their won ensure their eventual overthrow. They do not understand the societies they infect. they really are a parasitic organism that relies on others for their survival. They have no worker class, because they do not possess the intellect, skill, or discipline necessary to develop productive behaviors. Their “plan” is not a real strategy at all. Its debatable whether this behavior is due to pathology such as the psychopathic or sociopathic behaviors you would expect from a parasite or whether its an inborn instinct they follow due to genetics. Irregardless, their invariable pattern of clueless inability to assimilate the customs and cultures of their hosts shows an inborn inferiority of this species. Their claims of simply not wanting to assimilate is a poor excuse. Their mimicry of accents and their focus on gaining fluency of their hosts’ language shows they are attempting to assimilate in order to disguise their alien character. Their inability to mimic the culture and customs of their hosts shows either an intellectual inferiority or genetic incapacity to understand the concept of cultures and customs. I have noticed a remarkable lack of any culture or customs by these inferior creatures myself. They have no art. Their music and literature is a simple copy and ripoff from others. Their incapacity to engage in any productive behaviors and their clustering into fake and ridiculous “theoretical” fields involving fraud and lacking scientific proof and validity shows an obvious lack of native intelligence and complete lack of understanding for what would be assumed as natural homonid behaviors.

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