NWO is a virus on life

May 4, 2016

New World Order is an order based on a public stated religion of equality and a private system of secret societies with layers and information sharing and hiding. NWO’s public religion of equality is inconsistent with evolution.

NWO mixes races in a way that is not selective but instead is destructive of previously obtained prior order or development.  In Star Trek terms it violates the prime directive when applied to human races, nations, regions, states, cities or smaller organizations. Civil Rights laws enforcing mixing also oppose order and structure based on selection which is DNA linked.

NWO tries to stop DNA linked selection calling it racism, ignorance, and bigotry. Any selection based on DNA, NWO opposes. Thus NWO is opposed to evolution which is based on DNA linked selection.

Race mixing of White and Black destroys the order created by evolution and natural selection based on DNA.

By stopping DNA linked selection, NWO is a virus on evolution and on DNA. DNA is based on selection of DNA. By opposing selection of DNA based on DNA, NWO is a virus on DNA and on human life.

Human life prior to modern times promoted selection linked to DNA. The class system promoted this as did the race system and racial segregation.  These all promoted evolution that selected for DNA.

NWO anti-selects. It promotes mixing of the advanced and the primitive, thus destroying the advanced. It prohibits the advanced separating themselves from the primitive.

Advanced and primitive are DNA linked and are not simply IQ test or a similar numerical score or SAT score. Matching based only on SAT scoring is itself another nostrum that is different from the ability to separate based on individual or group perception.

Society doesn’t know the right way to separate or sort or link and so it is left to the individuals or groups to find a way.  NWO prohibits that and enforces its own ideas which do not even evolve based on scientific information.

Civil Rights laws fail a Daubert test. They are not based on science and in fact are anti-science. They destroy order, efficiency and DNA selection mechanism. Civil Rights law are antiLife. NWO is antiLife.








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