Pace of hoaxes increases as NWO wakes up that its kids are going down

June 14, 2016

The pace of hoaxes has increased under Obama from Bush and under Bush from Clinton. Why? Because they need to keep NWO in a state of contempt and hate towards the people as NWO’s own kids and grand kids are being replaced by the immigration substitution effect.

The Wright Island Model, statistics and common experience all show that the population, Whites in particular, are replaced by the immigrants. This has now reached the children and grandchildren of NWO in the metro DC and metro NYC area.  See the charts of the prior post and links to sources.

NWO has to be pushed harder to hate the victims since the victims are now their own children and grandchildren.  They are crippled with college debt, stuck at home in high real estate areas as immigrants crowd in and take the cheap housing near or in the cities of New York and Washington DC.

Hoaxes teach contempt to the insiders of NWO. That has to be stoked to boiling while their own children and grandchildren are race replaced by immigrants.  At key moments of Wasp replacement by Jews and Catholics there were also hoaxes or events to distract them or teach them contempt of the people. Perhaps WW1 and WW2 themselves are partly in that category.  Certainly the presidential assassinations fall in that group and many other events that are chronicled at websites devoted to this.

Now Whites are becoming a minority and White Catholics and secular Jewish elites are seeing themselves displaced. As did Wasps, they retain a grip on law and banking as they lose their position in many other professions such as medicine, engineering, science, and computer programming.

However, as the noose tightens on their own children and grandchildren they must be taught contempt for the population being displaced. So the hoaxes are more and more obvious and more in number. Still the people can’t wake up and this teaches contempt.


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