The Paradox of New World Order

June 14, 2016

The Paradox of New World Order, NWO, is that as a secret ruling organization it has contempt for those it rules, a contempt that turns to hatred and out of that hatred it destroys the people it rules to prove the hatred is justified.

Expanding on this, we can restate it as follows in more than one sentence. New World Order dupes the people it rules. This leads to an attitude of contempt. This is needed to perpetuate NWO as a secret society ruling over the people. But over time this attitude of contempt hardens into hate.  This hate becomes a need to destroy its object, the people it rules over in order to justify itself.

NWO can’t escape the Paradox of NWO. It inherently induces contempt towards those it rules in secret. Without that contempt it can’t keep itself going as a secret organization. Nor can it put the breaks on its contempt to keep itself from destroying the object of its contempt.  Thus NWO will destroy its own society.

We see societies collapse totally without sufficient outward sign of why. The fall of empires follows this pattern. Most notably Rome follows that pattern. Rome should have been able to maintain itself against disorganized barbarian groups, but it couldn’t. The rot was from within. NWO was already operating.

The fall of the Soviet Union is another example. Even if pushed by the West’s intelligence agencies, it still collapsed rapidly and with the overwhelming consent of the people it ruled over.

In the West, the NWO shows its hate of the people openly, who openly hate their governments and elites back.  This is the natural outcome of the Paradox of NWO.  The declining fertility and the replacement of population by immigration are characteristics of the Paradox of NWO.

Never married females aged 25 to 30 in counties in NYC and around it are typically 65% or higher.

For New York County:


For Westchester County, the chart is similar, although not quite as bad.


Similar results for counties near DC, although slightly better than around NYC.


The charts do not show up in a search, one has to scroll down to find them. They are not too far from the top.  Similar results show up in Suffolk County MA for Boston and the surrounding counties and Montgomery County PA and other counties around Philadelphia. Moving out, even rural counties are close to 40 to 50 percent 25 to 30 never married.

If females married under 30 have 2 children and the rest have 1, and these are 50/50, we get 2+ 1 for 2 females + 2 males = 3 for 4 or a ratio of 3/4. This is below replacement.

Decline is rapid. 3/4 times 3/4 is 9/16 or roughly 1/2.  So after 2 generations, 1/2 left. After 4 generations 1/4 left. These generations go at roughly 30 years, so 120 years, the population is eliminated.

We see that the federal government and the ruling banking and financial city are exterminating their own employees and families. This is out of the total hatred they feel towards the people they rule. Often family members are not aware of this, particularly as children and are subject to the contempt of NWO towards them. This results in a form of child abuse. The children of NWO are often damaged permanently.

NWO itself writes this off to depression. It blames the victim, which is all NWO can do. NWO can’t learn the math and population genetics of the Wright Island Model, because their attitude of contempt interferes with learning and they can’t abide the truth about themselves, that they are just a hate group unfit to rule anyone.

NWO constantly says the people are too apathetic to learn the information to rule themselves. But it is NWO that is apathetic to learn. Immigration by itself causes the depression in fertility and population replacement. This is published science, the Wright Island Model. See entries on this blog.

NWO is just a hate group. It is full of contempt over the people it rules and destroys, even their own employees and children. They are despicable above all other people.





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